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Branch Experience Survey

Capture Timely, Actionable Customer Feedback

Understanding the customer satisfaction in retail branches has been a tough nut to crack. Mystery shops are great for understanding the external experience but don’t reveal customers’ satisfaction with their experiences in the branch.  Telephone surveys are expensive and reach a small percentage of customers, rarely enough to understand satisfaction by branch, by customer segment, or even by day of week. However, branch email surveys can allow organizations to quickly capture, analyze, and act on the feedback of their branch customers.

Now retail banks can send their customers a quick personalized email survey in a timely fashion to capture their satisfaction with their recent branch visit, including how long they waited, the quality of their interaction with the branch staff that worked with them, and any other comments they would like to share. This can go to select customers or to every customer that visits a branch (with filters to ensure that the same customer is not surveyed too frequently.)

Survey results can be analyzed by transaction type, branch representative, branch, and region and included in Impact 360 Workforce Optimization scorecards. Negative results can be automatically sent to branch or region management for any required follow up actions to recover the customer and accounts as well as for coaching and training of branch staff.

Branch Experience Surveys enable your organization to:

  • Capture customer feedback in a timely, personalized and actionable (transaction-specific) way
  • Identify issues and trends, and respond to emerging competition
  • Schedule individual employee coaching to improve the overall customer experience
  • Act quickly to retain dissatisfied customers
  • Include the branch experience when sharing multi-channel customer feedback within your organization
  • Balance external customer feedback with internal quality scores to achieve customer-centricity

Learn how you can get started today – and begin capturing critical customer feedback to make intelligent decisions to improve your branch network performance.