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Advanced Adherence for Branch Operations

Verint Provides Complementary Service Options

More financial institutions today are using workforce management solutions to increase efficiency and reduce expense, but these benefits can only be realized if employees adhere to the schedules.

Verint offers Advanced Adherence Reporting as a complementary option for their customers using Impact 360 for Retail Financial Services. Application monitoring compares employee schedules to employee activity, tracking customer-facing activities, idle time and non-customer-facing activities, and notes exceptions.

Included reports track adherence to schedules by employee, for all employees within a branch, and for multiple branches in a region or network.

The Adherence Branch Report can quickly show managers the schedule adherence – and variance – between forecasted, scheduled, and actual tellers in a given branch at fifteen minute intervals. This level of information can be invaluable for making decisions on changes that might be made to branch staffing or scheduling models.

Benefits of the Adherence module include:

  • Improvement in employee productivity. Branches observe increased employee attention to assigned activities and identify idle time potentially available for additional work. Branch managers can objectively determine which employees are not following their schedules.
  • Increase in staffing efficiency. Adherence enables organizations to achieve maximum efficiencies from forecasting and scheduling, and can help reduce unnecessary overtime for improved expense control over time.
  • Delivery of a consistent customer experience. Branches can operate in a way that maintains the desired relationship between schedules and customer service, using percentage of customer service level achieved as an indicator.

For more information on Advanced Adherence reporting, contact Verint today.