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Products and Solutions

Gain Visibility, Drive Operational Efficiency, Meet Service Goals, Improve Quality and Compliance

Many organizations underestimate the impact that your back-office operations — such as order processing, billing, and account management — can have on your overall performance. Inefficiencies in one department can ripple into others, dramatically impacting the speed and cost of transactions and the overall customer experience.

Verint Back-Office Workforce Optimization can help you transform the way you run your operations. The solution can automatically capture real-time activity and performance data across functions and sites. It can help you break down intra-organization and data barriers, making it easier to identify opportunities for efficiency, productivity and service gains. With Verint, you can:

  • Gain visibility and insight into your day-to-day operations to now know who is doing what, when, and for how long.
  • Improve operational efficiency and cost management by creating a holistic model of your entire enterprise, capturing all work types, activities and volumes, and aligning these with resources across functions to improve employee utilization and reduce costs.
  • Meet service goals through real-time, comprehensive workload balancing, enabling managers to re-prioritize at-risk items to ensure customer commitments are met.
  • Increase quality and compliance by monitoring processing steps, providing personalized guidance, and improving employee skills to decrease errors, speed turnaround and improve the customer experience.

Verint Back-Office Desktop and Process Analytics

Capture real-time data at the desktop across different systems, applications, and processes to measure and improve employee productivity, proficiency and process compliance.  You can see which applications employees use, including how they use them, when and for how long.  The activities performed can be associated with specific processes, giving you the ability to map process flows, streamline processes, identify variances, find best practices, and correct behaviors to improve consistency, efficiency and compliance.

Verint Back-Office Desktop and Process Analytics offers a broad range of functionality, including :

  • Application Event Triggering:  capture key “events” on the desktop to log an activity, , tag transactions for easier retrieval and focused quality analysis,  trigger an action, and send an alerts to managers, helping eliminate non-compliant practices.
  • Application Analysis:  improve productivity by understanding how employees use applications and systems to perform their work and identifying idle or non-productive time, recapturing this hidden capacity for improved utilization.
  • Desktop Guidance:  reduce cycle times, errors and rework by auto-populating repetitive data, performing simple automations and providing pop up guidance and next-step reminders in real time.
  • Process Discovery:  assess current state of work flow with real-time processing maps, find best practices and reduce process variability with redesign of processes.
  • Process Analysis:  gain visibility into the process steps and handling time for all users based on actual behavior data.

Available as a standalone solution, or integrated with the Verint Workforce Optimization suite, Desktop and Process Analytics can increase back-office operational efficiency and effectiveness by feeding desktop activity data into the Verint Workforce Management and Performance Management solutions.

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Case Study - StarTek

White Paper:  DMG report: Desktop Analytics:  A Key to a Better Back Office

Infographic:  5 Steps to Sustainable Process Improvement

Video Podcast:  Verint Personalized Guidance

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Verint Performance Management

Performance Management is a culture and continuous process that involves setting goals, communicating them consistently to everyone in the organization, regularly measuring performance against goals and taking necessary corrective action to complete the loop.

Verint Performance Management can capture and aggregate data across multiple systems while providing a single, standardized framework for efficiently tracking, managing, and improving individual, team, and organizational performance. The solution provides Scorecards, Coaching, and eLearning capabilities that can work together synergistically, helping your organization implement a continuous process for performance management across the areas of the business that impact the customer experience.

The solution provides a range of capabilities, including:

Advanced Scorecards—Displays employee key performance indicators in role-appropriate scorecards, giving employees visibility into objective, data-driven assessments of their performance and empowering them to self-correct behaviors.

Lesson Management—Enables your employees and managers to access their eLearning lesson assignments without ever leaving their desks. An intuitive, browser-based interface shows the specific coursework that has been assigned, the duration and priority of each lesson, and the deadline for completion. Employees can initiate a learning session with the click of a mouse. Additionally, lessons can automatically be assigned to employees if their scorecard KPI scores fall outside of set thresholds and can be manually assigned from within Verint Quality Management.

Coaching—Provides managers with unified functionality and online tools for offering employees better, more focused guidance on how they can enhance their skills. Coaching sessions can be triggered automatically when performance scores fall below set thresholds or directly from Verint Quality Management during evaluations. Employee scorecards, policy documents, eLearning lessons, and other relevant materials can be attached to coaching assignments. This can help supervisors provide attention to the employees and teams that need it most—and better ensure they spend time mentoring their staff.

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Work Allocation Manager

In busy claims processing, loan production, and other blended and back-office departments, employees can struggle with selecting or prioritizing the tasks they work on each day. Verint Work Allocation Manager is an innovative solution that can help keep employees focused on the most important work items, while enabling managers to better monitor completion.

Verint Work Allocation Manager provides a “smart” list of work items right on the employee desktop. It distributes work items based on predefined rules, such as skills and service levels, and presents employees with a prioritized list of work items for the day. As they work through the list, selecting and completing the items displayed, the solution captures the completion dispositions they’ve selected—such as completed, closed, not in good order, or rerouted—in real time.

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Verint Back-Office Workforce Management

Balancing workload, staffing, and other resources across your service operations can be critical for delivering effective customer service and bottom line profitability. Verint Back-Office Workforce Management can collect data from disparate systems and automatically log volume and activity as work is processed. Using this information, you can forecast demand and predict your ability to meet deadlines given resource availability, skills, and equipment constraints, and proactively act upon at-risk items.

The solution has a depth of functionality specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of back-office operations. The solution provides a wide range of functionality, including:

Data Capture to collect data from disparate systems and the ability to create real-time, electronic logs of manual volumes and staff activities for optimum forecasting, scheduling, and productivity measurement.

Forecasting and Scheduling to forecast staffing needs down to the activity and position level and enable managers to redeploy staff and work intraday. Verint Forecasting and Scheduling replaces time-consuming, manual scheduling with an automated process fully integrated with seasonal and intraday forecasts and driven by the service goals of the work to be performed.

Strategic Planning to help managers develop staffing scenarios and evaluate the impact of such variables as seasonality, turnover, new hiring timelines, and skill needs on staffing requirements and budgets.

Intraday Management and Workload Balancing to track volumes, backlog, and various metrics against forecast and send notifications when they deviate from plan.

Work Item Tracking (WIT) allows managers to track individual items and their aging and helps managers understand which items might not meet service goals through its predictive capabilities.

Reporting which automates many administrative tasks and includes many standard reports as well as  the ability to create customized reports for more sophisticated analysis.

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Verint Back-Office Quality Management

Processing and quality problems in the back-office can contribute to customer dissatisfaction, call volumes and increased operating costs. It is more critical than ever to deliver consistent, accurate and thorough goods and services. Verint Back-Office Quality Management automates the capture of employee transaction screens, and the administrative tasks associated with monitoring, tracking and measuring organizational and employee performance, while providing visibility into the quality of work performed.

The solution’s online evaluation forms make it easy to monitor and evaluate employee performance. You can view employee desktops and transactions in real time or define business rules to capture them automatically, enabling you to focus on interactions by customer type, escalations to supervisors, compliance issues, and more. Captured screen interactions are tagged and stored automatically for easy, intuitive search and replay. The automated and streamlined processes free up manager time for employee coaching and development. The solution also helps raise the bar on employee performance by using actual transactions and evaluations to clearly illustrate errors and opportunities for improvement to the employee.

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Verint eLearning

In the back office, as in other parts of the enterprise, ongoing training is critical to optimizing employee performance. Yet, few operations can afford to let service levels slide while staff attends classes. Additionally, many back-office employees may work from remote or home offices, making classroom training costly and impractical. Verint Back-Office Workforce Optimization provides Web-based eLearning functionality that delivers training right to employee desktops.

If you already use Verint Workforce Management, Verint Back-Office eLearning can help staff complete training courses during down time and quiet periods without leaving their desks. Pop-up alerts and email notifications inform users about scheduled learning events, such as lesson assignments, lesson times, or lessons approaching a due date. The solution can augment classroom training and promotes best practices and desired behaviors throughout your back-office operations.

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Verint Business Assessment and Consulting Services

Verint’s goal is to help ensure customer success by providing world-class services that offer measurable results and a rapid return on investment. Our consultants have deep knowledge and experience in back-office production management, business processes, and change management programs across many industries, including financial services, insurance, retail, telecom, outsourcing, and more. Experts in back-office operational efficiency and effectiveness, they can help you transform the way you run your operations and drive operational excellence.

Our consultants work with you to baseline your operations, design an operating model specific to your needs, and create a change management program to help you achieve and sustain your strategic goals. In addition to custom consulting engagements, Verint provides specific services offerings.

Verint Operational Analysis

A pre-implementation consulting service, this offering is designed to help your business understand the value of our Verint Workforce Optimization software and services within the context of your own operations.  Working with team members from your organization, our consultants gather information about your enterprise to define your business goals, practices, critical success factors and create a current picture of your operations.  Based on this data, we create a detailed analysis on the specific ways in which Verint solutions can deliver value and return on investment.

Verint Post-Installation Optimization Assessment

After completing major software rollouts, organizations can sometimes be challenged with leveraging their new applications effectively to realize optimal value. We can help your organization understand the depth and breadth of the functionality you’ve implemented, how effectively you’re using your Verint solutions, and how you can further operationalize it to share information and drive decision making across your business. 

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