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Workforce Optimization

Transform Customer Experiences and Engagement

Verint Enterprise Workforce Optimization software and services can help your organization drive smarter engagement with customers, enhance employee productivity across the front and back office, and deliver the real-time guidance needed to help improve the overall customer experience.

This innovative suite of solutions works across the interaction channels and areas of your enterprise that impact the customer experience, from contact centers to operations in branchesmarketing and customer care, and the back-office. It offers unprecedented visibility into performance, operations, and customer intelligence across your organization, helping you:

  • Capture and analyze customer interactions across channels.
  • Improve internal processes, compliance, and workforce performance.
  • Enhance the quality and security of customer interactions.
  • Uncover business trends and areas of opportunity.
  • Develop customer-centric strategies to enhance loyalty and retention.

Verint Workforce Optimization can provide you with unprecedented visibility into the people, processes, and work across multiple functional areas of your enterprise. With this intelligence, you can understand what’s happening in your business and why—and make better, faster, and easier decisions.

Verint Workforce Optimization provides unified functionality for many essential functions, including:

 Benefit from a Broad Set of Capabilities

Regardless of where in your enterprise you deploy Verint Workforce Optimization, you can benefit from its proven functionality, including:

  • Pre-built, unified business process workflows, with unique abilities to quickly drill down and get answers to the what, when, how, and why of employee behavior and performance.
  • Next-generation navigation and ease of use, with the ability to move from one function to the next and gain a centralized view across applications—all from a single entry point.
  • Total cost of ownership, with consolidated servers and new levels of scalability, virtualization, resiliency, and redundancy.  
  • Simplified system administration, with a single organizational hierarchy and a flexible archiving system that supports centralized and distributed operations.
  • Depth of functionality, with powerful applications that are tightly unified, making it easy to add functionality as your business needs change.

To meet the needs of today’s mobile workforce, Verint Mobile Workforce Optimization offers managers and staff the core benefits of Verint Workforce Optimization, right from their mobile devices. Contact a Verint Systems representative for information on which solutions and services are right for your business.