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Enterprise Workforce Management

Gain Unprecedented Visibility into Staffing, Processes, and Work Across Your Enterprise

Verint Enterprise Workforce Management is a Web-based solution designed to help organizations balance workload, staffing, and other resources across the different functional areas that can impact the customer experience, including contact centers, branches, and back-office operations.  

It provides unified applications designed specifically to help organizations gain visibility into—and more effectively manage—the work they perform, the activities of people who perform it, and the processes used to accomplish it.

Enterprise workforce management offers a single view into all employees, including their respective skills, proficiencies, rank, and availability to handle workload. By leveraging this information, you can quickly align your workforce with your workload, deliver a more consistent customer experience, and benefit from: 

  • Meeting service-level goals efficiently across inbound and outbound phone, email, chat, and social media channels.
  • Obtaining more accurate insight into actual production standards across the enterprise.
  • Enhancing staff utilization, with more efficient use of overtime.
  • Avoiding compliance issues and penalties.
  • Identifying process breakdowns and areas for supplemental training.
  • Leveraging visibility into workflows to help ensure work is assigned to the appropriate employees and work groups.
  • Reducing the costs associated with managing and retaining employees

Enterprise workforce management offers a broad range of functionality, including:

Data Capture and Work Item Tracking – Automatically captures workload information, such as volume by time interval and individual employee productivity, from ERP, CRM, and other systems, as well as from a manual data entry interface.

Strategic Planning/Modeling – Enables managers to create high-level workload and capacity planning models for contact center and back-office operations. Managers can use models to optimize among a number of variables, including hiring, overtime, and vacation hours.

Resource Utilization – Enables users to create work-demand forecasts using resources from across departments. The forecasting model can factor in backlog, deadlines, and completion targets, facilitating schedule adjustments to meet SLAs.

Intraday Management – Offers real-time schedule adherence management, with alerts when events and metrics deviate from plan.

Operational and Performance Analytics – Provides scorecards that reflect work groups, sites, departments, virtual units, and teams on an individual or collective basis for a complete view of operational performance.

Desktop and Process Analytics – Provides insight into application usage and actual navigation paths that employees follow, helping identify efficiencies, compliance, bottlenecks, and process flaws, as well as areas for process improvements and training.

Employee Portal – Provides employee self-management capabilities through a personalized home page.

As a web-based solution, enterprise workforce management eliminates the need for a thick or rich client, simplifying maintenance requirements while removing the cost and performance issues associated with terminal services. Users can access all functionality via a browser and view relevant information quickly, while multi-tenant capabilities equip the solution to support cloud-based deployments.

Staff Appropriately for Your Workload and Enhance Performance

Verint Workforce Management is web-enabled software that simplifies the complex task of forecasting and scheduling, and provides performance management and eLearning capabilities.

Designed to work across the enterprise, Verint Workforce Management provides accurate forecasting for intra-day, daily, and long-term workload. It can help you produce optimal schedules by balancing  defined shift rules, work patterns, breaks, targeted service-level goals, and individual skills, proficiencies, and preferences, enabling you to:

  • Schedule meetings or training without impacting service levels.
  • Comply with government, union, and “time-banking” regulations.
  • Create centralized forecasts and schedules with a single point of control over the entire network, or decentralized schedules that allow for decision-making at individual sites.
  • Schedule based on skills, work queues, and other parameters.
By better balancing workload with staffing, Verint Workforce Management can help your contact center and back-office operations lower their costs by reducing overstaffing, overtime, and shrinkage (time for which contact center agents are paid, but not producing work). Moreover, since Verint Workforce Management automates many time-consuming tasks (including  performance management and training), it can free supervisors to coach their staff.

As a web-enabled solution, Verint Workforce Management eliminates the expense and administrative burden of thick-client solutions.  It also offers the benefit of being part of Verint’s Workforce Optimization suite. This unified suite brings together software and services for quality management and recording, voice of the customer analytics, desktop and process analytics, workforce management, performance management, eLearning, coaching, time and attendance, and more into a unified solution for analyzing customer interactions, improving workforce performance, and optimizing service processes.