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Verint’s Robotic Automation solutions can help employees complete tasks faster and more accurately, and can even execute rules-based, repetitive tasks for them.

Robotic Process Analytics

Robotic Automation Solutions

Many organizations have operational areas that need to execute thousands of time-consuming business processes each day that, while moderately complex, are fundamentally rules-based and don’t require human decision making and judgment. Verint Robotic Process Automation can manage these tasks for you. This solution comprises software robots that can completely replace the need for manual processing of specific tasks or entire multistep processes within a functional area, automating them and operating around the clock.

Robotic Process Automation

Verint® Process Assistant

Many organizations have customer service and back-office operations that require employees to execute processes spanning multiple applications and follow specific business rules and organizational policies. Verint Process Assistant can help employees complete tasks faster and more accurately by providing guidance and automation wizards that overlay applications, showing staff exactly what to do, preventing them from proceeding in some situations, and even performing the work for them in others. This solution can help free your organization from complex application integrations, ongoing training for infrequently used processes, and even speed up onboarding for new employees.

Learn how Verint’s Robotic Automation Solutions can help you improve operational efficiency and increase employee productivity.

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Verint Robotic Process Automation

Verint Robotic Process Automation

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Verint Process Assistant

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