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Call Recording

Full-Time and Compliance Recording for Call Centers and Trading Rooms

Organizations around the globe rely on Verint recording solutions for full-time and compliance recording. We offer recording solutions for call centers, contact centers, customer engagement centers, and trading rooms of all sizes.  Our solutions help organizations address compliance, sales verification, and dispute resolution challenges. They include:

Verint Call Recording

Verint Call Recording is a proven, reliable system for capturing, indexing, and retrieving voice, screen, and other methods of interaction from traditional time-division multiplex (TDM), Internet Protocol (IP), Session Initiated Protocol (SIP), and mixed environments. With Verint Call Recording, you can easily search and replay captured interactions, regardless of where they were recorded in your enterprise. What’s more, you can share these interactions throughout your business, providing insight into customer and staff behaviors to help drive decision making.

Verint for Financial Trading

Verint for Financial Trading is designed to meet the unique full-time and compliance recording requirements of trading floors.

This solution can capture, index, and retrieve trader calls across thousands of channels and multiple sites, with a single point of administration and open standards storage.

PCI and Recording Encryption Solutions

Verint PCI and Recording Encryption solutions are designed to help contact centers, trading rooms, payment processing operations, and other organizations achieve compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Designed to work with recording solutions within the Impact 360 suite, this optional functionality uses AES 256-compliant encryption help protect data when recorded, in transit. A separate key management system (included in the solution) enables customer data to be moved, archived, and stored, while protecting it from unauthorized access.