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Provide Targeted Training for Employees

Building and keeping employee skills sharp can be a continual challenge for many organizations, particularly as products, services, processes, and staffing change over time.

Verint eLearning is designed to organizations address these challenges. This built-in, Web-based functionality is available with Verint Workforce Optimization, Enterprise Workforce Management, and Quality Management packages. It can provide your staff with timely, relevant training without the high cost and inconvenience of classroom sessions.

Verint eLearning makes training available directly on the employee desktop. Supervisors can assign courses and other training content to individuals or groups manually based on their own observations about employee strengths and weaknesses. Training can also be triggered automatically by scorecard results and quality monitoring performance evaluations. Employees can even assign lessons to themselves proactively to improve their skills.

An intuitive, browser-based interface shows the specific coursework that has been assigned, the duration and priority of each lesson, and the deadline for completion. Sessions can include materials created in-house—including learning clips created using Content Producer—as well as any AICC-compliant courseware purchased off the shelf.

Verint eLearning can deliver this content at the most opportune time, to help minimize impact on service levels. Supervisors can browse through course completion reports and subsequent performance records for individuals, teams, or the organization as a whole.

Receive Extended Benefits from a Unified Platform

Verint eLearning is part of the Verint Workforce Optimization suite.  It  capitalizes on Verint’s unified platform, enabling the solution to share information easily with others in the suite to deliver extended benefits, including:

  • Quality Management – Lessons can be requested right from quality evaluation forms.
  • Advanced Scorecards – Key performance indicators on employee scorecards can be assigned performance thresholds. If an employee’s performance falls below the threshold, the course(s) appropriate for that specific KPI is assigned.
  • Enterprise Workforce Management – Course assignments can be sent automatically to the workforce management system, which can assign learning times when service levels or service level agreements are not negatively impacted. This helps greatly reduce cancellations of training sessions.
  • Customer Feedback – Lessons can be triggered based on scores from customers, then sent to the employee.