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Contact Center Desktop and Process Analytics

Help Ensure Compliance with Data Privacy Restrictions

Increasingly, data privacy regulations are requiring contact centers to distinguish the types of information they can record from those they can’t. Moreover, the need to manage liability, costs, and efficiency is making it necessary for many centers to retrieve specific interactions quickly—and have insight into non-phone activities, such as file management, correspondence, and order processing.

Verint Contact Center Desktop and Process Analytics can help address data privacy requirements while capturing employee desktop activity and providing real-time guidance on next best actions across different systems, applications, and processes. By enabling these latent aspects of customer service operations to be tracked, measured, analyzed, and refined, the solution can help your contact center improve efficiency, reduce costs and liability, and enhance the customer experience.

Verint Contact Center Desktop and Process Analytics offers functionality to help centers protect private information, limit liability, and gain visibility into non-phone activities by:

  • Avoiding the capture of sensitive data.
  • Tagging recordings with information to facilitate easy retrieval.
  • Identifying and preventing agent and system behaviors that do not comply with industry regulations and company practices.
  • Improving productivity by showing how agents use applications and systems to perform their work.
  • Detecting and correcting flawed processes.
  • Revealing the successful behaviors of top performers.
  • Detecting training needs through unusual application usage.

Optional functionality includes Desktop Guidance and Automation, which can help reduce duplicate data entry by providing the ability to automatically replicate data elements from one application to others. The solution can deliver real-time guidance on next-best actions through desktop scripting, helping to expedite task completion, reduce errors and rework time, and better meet service level agreements.

Datasheet: Desktop and Process Analytics for Contact Centers