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Automate the Scheduling, Delivery, and Tracking of Employee Coaching

The quality of service your organization delivers depends on the skills of your employees. But in the hectic environment that’s typical of contact centers and back-office operations, supervisors often spend the least amount of their time coaching staff and helping them build their skills.

Verint Coaching is a practical solution to help make employee coaching a part of daily operations. It provides out-of-the-box workflow for scheduling, delivering, and tracking coaching that’s integrated with individual quality monitoring evaluation scores and key performance indicators (KPIs). By tying coaching together with scorecards and training and making this information available right on the desktop, Verint Coaching can help your organization provide employees with better guidance on how to enhance their skills.

Make Coaching and Performance a Priority

Verint Coaching can help your organization do more than enhance performance—it can help improve morale and staff retention by making coaching sessions more objective, transparent, and actionable.

Employees can gain a clearer understanding of how to improve their performance, extend their skills, and be promoted. Human resources managers can factor performance improvements into salary and incentive programs. Executives can determine how effectively their managers are delivering coaching. And the entire organization can benefit from making managers and staff mutually accountable for driving better performance and improved customer satisfaction.

Receive Extended Value from Your Verint Solutions

Verint Coaching is included as part of our Verint Workforce Optimization and Verint Quality Management solutions. Because Verint Coaching is part of the unified Verint suite, it shares many of the same foundation services, such as alerts, user administration, reporting, and more. Better still, it can help you receive extended value from your other Verint solutions, including:

  • Verint Quality Management — You can capture screens and recordings that show strengths or areas for improvement, and attach them to the Verint Coaching form to provide examples during a coaching session.
  • Verint Workforce Management — You can set up a coaching session in Verint Coaching, then use Verint Workforce Management to help schedule it at the most opportune time.
  • Verint Scorecards — You can use the KPIs in scorecards to trigger coaching sessions.
  • Verint eLearning — You can use Verint Content Producer to edit captured interactions into “learning clips” that can be assigned during coaching sessions. With Verint Lesson Management, employees can access their assignments—and managers can monitor completion—without ever leaving their desks.