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Do you have an omnichannel engagement strategy? Answer these five questions to find out.

Live Chat

Live Chat

Meet Customers Where They Are With Live Chat

As customers rely more on self-service and less on traditional channels like the phone, live chat is an effective way to provide the assistance customers need without the hassle of talking on the phone. To maximize its effectiveness, live chat must be part of a joined-up strategy to create a consistent experience as customers move from channel to channel.

Verint Live Chat enables online customers to chat with employees over the web or via mobile devices to obtain assistance with their self-service journeys. Organizations can monitor customer interactions, offer assistance, and dynamically present targeted offers to help boost online sales. You can:

  • Enable customers and employees to initiate chat sessions proactively.
  • Benefit from intelligent routing, with the ability to transfer chats, add more employees to the work queue, and use predefined responses.
  • Capitalize on integration with Verint Knowledge Management to provide consistent responses across communication channels.

Verint Live Chat can be used in conjunction with Verint Advanced Co-Browse to guide customers through processes on the web site while chatting.

Verint Live Chat is available as part of Verint Engagement Management, a comprehensive solution for managing interactions in multiple channels with a unified desktop, underpinned by knowledge management, case management, and productivity-improving integration to related systems and data.

See how Insurance Australia Group increased conversions with Verint Live Chat

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