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Explore the top 10 best practices to take into consideration when implementing a unified employee desktop.

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Employee Desktop

Maximize Employee Productivity without Sacrificing Service Quality

The employee or agent desktop is the critical point of integration for today’s multichannel business environment. Although consumers have embraced digital channels for many types of interactions, they often turn to contact centers as their channel of choice for difficult or complex issues. This means that contact center agents require unified access to multiple sources of information and customer data in order to handle complex issues and deliver exceptional customer service.

Verint Employee Desktop provides staff with unified access to the applications and information they need to respond effectively to customers across different channels. This solution combines knowledge management and case management technologies within a single platform, delivering increased employee productivity and providing a personalized customer service.   You can:

  • Work with customers across multiple channels (telephone, email, chat, co-browse and social) via a single user interface .
  • Surface information relevant to the context of the customer’s interaction (customer’s profile, previous interactions, products and services used).
  • Initiate customer cases quickly using pre-built customer service processes, interact with work queues and guide employees through process steps.

Verint Employee Desktop is available as part of Verint Engagement Management, a comprehensive solution for managing interactions in multiple channels with a unified desktop, underpinned by knowledge management, case management, and productivity-improving integration to related systems and data.

Discover how collaboration can help drive employee engagement. Download this executive perspective.

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Don't Rip and Replace - Wrap and Renew!

Don't Rip and Replace - Wrap and Renew!

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Employee Desktop - Sitting at the Center of the Next-Gen Employees Digital Universe

Employee Desktop - Sitting at the Center of the Next-Gen Employees Digital Universe


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