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Workable Solutions to the Capacity Gap

In the second year of post-COVID operations, organizations have recovered from the initial shock and disruption of COVID-19. Now constant, rapid change is the status quo. New pressures and considerations are constantly on the rise, adding new dynamics influencing the Engagement Capacity Gap™ and presenting organizations with a host of new challenges and opportunities.

This Q&A with Keith Dawson, Ventana Research VP and Research Director, breaks down workable solutions to the ever-growing Capacity Gap so that your organization can get ahead of the changes. This White Paper answers the questions:

  • Why are digital contact channels so important in today’s contact center, and how should organizations be thinking about the shift from voice to digital?
  • How should organizations deal with staffing challenges that stem from the pandemic and the Great Resignation?
  • What should organizations do to address the challenges in the Capacity Gap?


Access the full White Paper to read this industry expert’s response and recommendations from the five question Q&A.

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