Verint Experience Index: Banking

New Banking Research - How to Fine-Tune Your CX Strategy with Customer Trends

The Verint Experience Index is a web panel survey report, chronicling customer experiences across key industries. This new banking edition ranks the omnichannel experiences of the top banks in the U.S. Join this webinar to learn the intriguing results of this study and what it means for your business. With the level of investment seen in digital solutions since 2020, it’s an uncertain time for many banks and finding a balance that offers exceptional online and in-branch experiences isn’t straightforward.

The “halo effect” of COVID, which drove higher CSAT scores, is over and banks must work harder to satisfy customers. CSAT scores have fallen for almost all the 20 U.S. banks featured in our survey and, with inflation rising, financial institutions face new challenges to keep customers happy and loyal.

The digitalization of banking continues to affect consumer behavior and preferences, with security concerns a bigger factor than convenient branch locations when it comes to choosing a new financial institution. As digital banking becomes more widespread, U.S. consumers recognize the potential risks and are prioritizing the security of their money and personal information.

Watch this webinar to learn about behavior insights and trends of banking customers, including:

  • Fraud and Security Concerns: 3 of the top 5 factors for consumers choosing a new bank are security or fraud related, replacing “low fees” as the most important consideration.
  • Customers In Need Will Call: 49% of customers prefer to call their bank to resolve a security issue – highlighting the importance of a blend of human and digital solutions.
  • Young Consumers Need Help: Banks should consider helping Millennials and Generation Z manage their finances; with more than one-third of each age group struggling to cut costs, create a budget and/or track spending.





Deneen Davis
Senior Manager, Customer Analytics (CX, Prof Services), Verint

Deneen Davis has been with Verint for almost 15 years. Now, as a Senior Manager, she leads a team of analysts who develop insightful consumer-based field surveys and analyze results to establish meaningful CX trends that can “make or break” a business. Deneen is brilliant, and passionate about educating clients to improve their customer experience journeys. She has over 25 years of experience in measuring CX trends. She is a wiz at leveraging key learnings to adapt future field surveys in various industries so companies can learn and succeed.



Avanti Joglekar
Senior Content Marketing Manager, Verint

Avanti serves as the content lead for Experience Management at Verint where she is focused on telling thought-provoking stories about customer experience (CX). In her role as Senior Content Marketing Manager, Avanti leads the strategy, development, and execution of initiatives to drive awareness for and adoption of CX solutions. In her four years at Verint, she has supported content and digital efforts across the portfolio by creating a wide array of content types.

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