Insights! Data! Action! The Magic Behind Full-Organization CX Success

Are you leveraging Voice of the Customer programs across the enterprise to move insights into action?

The future of customer engagement requires organizations to prioritize customer experience at scale, and it begins with listening to your customers, harnessing insights, and leveraging the right technology to act on that feedback. Companies that aim to deliver exceptional CX need to shift from passive surveys and follow-up, to proactively responding to customers, automating action, and in turn measuring revenue impact.

Don’t fall behind on the technology curve. Watch this on-demand webinar as we share the latest CX technology research and best practices for connecting silos to deliver a superior CX, including how to:
  • Leverage Voice of the Customer to move from insights into action.
  • Connect data, operational, and technology silos to implement proactive CX strategies.
  • Shift from a reactive to a proactive approach to customer feedback.

Don’t miss this insightful fireside chat packed with new research on Customer Experience technology and how to harness data to deliver better business outcomes.



Keith Dawson

Keith Dawson
Ventana Research
VP & Research Director


Karyn Fursman

Karyn Furstman
VP of GTM, Experience Management

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