How to Create a Winning Business Case for your CX Strategy and Drive Critical ROI

CX professionals face many challenges.

Top of the list is getting a holistic picture of your customer and translating it into actionable insights, but also understanding the ROI of programs you implement. As budgets tighten, CX professionals not only need a clearer understanding of their customers, but also need to justify every investment in CX. Whether you’re in the contact center, managing customer service or owning the CX strategy, this webinar will give you a view into:

  • Importance of managing and measuring customer experience and where to start
  • Identifying the core value drivers and metrics that can shape your CX strategy and tying it to ROI
  • Quantifiable and qualitative benefits for developing a business case for Verint Experience Management

For decades, Verint Experience Management (XM) solutions drive positive, best-in-class customer experiences while also driving value for some of the world’s most recognizable brands. Based on customer interviews and proprietary financial analysis, Verint commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study for Verint’s Experience Management offerings. They found that a composite Verint customer received a 219% ROI over three years of incorporating Verint XM solutions into their operations. The composite customer decreased online order abandonment, adding $1.1M from revenue improvements and improved product fulfillment practices, yielding $1.3M from avoided returns.

Listen to Forrester guest speakers and Verint as they uncover the business case for the Total Economic Impact that Verint XM solutions could have on your organization.


Judy Weader
Judy Weader
Senior Analyst, Forrester


Leigh Greene
Leigh Greene
Total Economic Impact (TEI) Consultant, Forrester
aditi headshot
Aditi Mehta
Product Marketing Director, Verint
avanti joglekar
Avanti Joglekar
Content Lead, Experience Management, Verint

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