Leveraging Built-in Best Practices in Knowledge Management Tools

Consumer patience for the wrong answer is non-existent. Your contact center agents field an unending stream of complex questions every day. Why not make it easy for them to find the right answers? You can deliver accurate information in an instant with knowledge management (KM).

The tools and touchpoints that use KM is rapidly expanding. Organizations can take advantage of many of the built-in capabilities of their KM products to meet the needs of each customer and channel. KM tools can help organizations drive the best knowledge to wherever it is needed. Leveraging features such as:

  • Tailored authoring and entitlement settings
  • Powerful search and tagging features
  • Presentation features that optimize how content is viewed

Watch this session where John Chmaj, Sr. Director, KM Strategy, Verint, will give examples of where and how organizations can get the most from their KM investment.


John Chmaj
Senior Director, Go-to-Market Knowledge Management

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