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Building a Unified Workforce for Customer Engagement

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Engaging the Contact Center and Back Office for Better CX

Two years after the pandemic upended contact center operations, many managers are finding that they still face challenges finding enough staff to meet customer demand. Centers are facing a capacity gap between the demand for their interaction handling services and the resources that are available. To cope, many organizations are adding automation to their technology toolkits or have begun to extend automation to the workforce itself.

These are excellent starting points, but more can be done to close the capacity gap. One approach is to look beyond the contact center to the large pool of back-office workers who are sometimes customer-facing, but not always fully equipped or possess the skills to engage with (and address) customer issues.

This Ventana white paper breaks down five key aspects of building a unified workforce for customer engagement, which some are calling a “one workforce” approach, which include:

  • Spread the work around
  • An evolution, not a revolution
  • New challenges arise
  • Enterprise-wide performance benefits
  • Tools for One Workforce

Access the full white paper to gain a roadmap towards better performance, a narrowed capacity gap, and a more engaged employee pool.

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