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One of the many differentiators of Telligent, a Verint Company, is how we collaborate with our customers and prospective buyers to clearly understand their business objectives and community requirements before talking about our technology.

To make the most of your 60-day trial experience, you will be assigned a Telligent Community Specialist who will contact you to learn more about your community objectives and requirements, and then configure a trial with you to provide the best evaluation experience.

Below are a series of FAQ's related to the Telligent Community 60-day trial:

What does the Telligent Community 60-day Trial include?

The Telligent Community 60-day Trial allows you to add as many community applications (blogs, forums, wikis, media galleries, ideas, etc.) as you want and you can invite others to participate in public or private groups.

What is not included?

For simplicity, The Telligent Community Free 60-day Trial does not provide trial users full access to the community management and administration panel. If you require a full trial experience to include community management, access to the administration panel and access to the platform APIs for integration evaluation, you can download and install the Free Edition or we would be happy to discuss and arrange this level of access in a 60-day trial environment. Just drop us a note at or contact us.

Can I get a full trial of Telligent Community?

Absolutely -just drop us a note at or contact us.

Can I invite friends and co-workers to my free trial?

Yes, just go to the members page of your trial and you can invite other people.

What happens at the end of 60 days?

Unless we hear from you the trial is removed.

Simply fill out the form below, and during your Telligent Community trial, the Telligent community specialist will be available to assist in your evaluation.

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