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Verint Security and Situational Intelligence Success Stories

Verint security and situational intelligence solutions are utilized by organizations in a wide range of industries: government, critical infrastructure, and homeland security; airports, seaports, and public transportation; and retail, banking, education, and commercial enterprise. Discover how our customers have implemented Verint solutions to protect people and property and make the world a safer place.

Showcase Your Success: The Verint Customer Success Program
We want to help tell your story and shine the spotlight on your success. The Verint Customer Success Program highlights outstanding Nextiva implementations and showcases your company in a variety of marketing activities, including press releases, newsletters, speaking opportunities, case studies, and media interviews. You decide your level of participation – including the frequency of activities and the ways in which you are most comfortable sharing your story.

To take advantage of this great opportunity, please complete the enrollment form or email marketing.vis@verint.com.