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Success Stories: Workforce Management

ABN AMRO | Financial Services | Case Study

A leading financial services company headquartered in the Netherlands, ABN AMRO implemented Verint Workforce Management to more effectively balance workload and staffing, helping it reduce costs from overstaffing and overtime and improve employee satisfaction related to scheduling by 15% and work-life balance by 20%.

Addison Lee | Transportation | Case Study

Addison Lee, London's leading premium minicab firm, seamlessly schedules, manages adherence, and provides self-service capabilities to agents, including 85 home-based workers, and increased occupancy rates by 30% with Impact 360 Workforce Management.

Aviva | Insurance | Video

The largest insurance group in the UK, Aviva implemented Impact 360 Workforce Management to get greater flexibility and higher performance out of its workforce, improving productivity by 17% and reducing wait time by 40%.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia | Financial Services | Video

Using Impact 360 Workforce Management to effectively staff to meet demand across its 1,000+ branch network, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, the largest bank in Australia, achieved its ROI goals within 12 months by increasing efficiency while also improving the customer experience.

Contact Center Americas | Staffing & Outsourcing Services | Video

One of the largest contact center outsourcers in Colombia, Contact Center Americas deployed Impact 360 Workforce Management to optimize the management of its approximately 4,000 agents, enabling it to deliver high-quality service to clients at a more competitive cost through enhanced scheduling flexibility and improved adherence and productivity.

CredAbility | Credit Counseling | Video

CredAbility, a national leader in non-profit credit counseling, uses Impact 360 Workforce Management to optimize the productivity of staff, create the right staffing levels to meet demand, and generate metrics for continuous operational improvement.

Cruise Line Operator | Travel & Hospitality | Case Study

This premier cruise line operator uses Impact 360 Workforce Management to facilitate the effective forecasting, scheduling, and managing of agents in different geographic locations, including home offices-increasing adherence by 5% and enhancing agent satisfaction.

Georgia Aquarium | Zoos and Aquariums | Case Study

Georgia Aquarium, one of the world's largest, addresses visitor demand more effectively - improving operational efficiency and the guest experience - with Verint Workforce Management.

International Multimedia Company | Business Services | Case Study

This well-known international multimedia company leveraged Impact 360 Workforce Management and its robust forecasting, scheduling, and strategic planning tools to justify the hiring of 40 additional agents, with measurable gains in service level attainment and customer satisfaction to show for it.

Knology | Telecommunications | Case Study

Telecom provider Knology decreased call volume by 22%, improved first-call resolution by nearly 20%, and reduced agent attrition by 55% with Impact 360 Workforce Management.

Leading Private Education Provider | Education | Case Study

A large private education provider, offering undergraduate, graduate, professional development, and other educational programs and services to working adults, increased productivity by 5 to 15% and optimized staffing by 11% in various back-office departments, while maintaining service levels, following its deployment of Verint Desktop and Process Analytics, Enterprise Workforce Management, and Scorecards.

Logica | Staffing & Outsourcing Services | Case Study | Video

Logica, a major provider of outsourced IT services, uses Impact 360 Workforce Management to optimize its staffing, enabling it to resolve a much higher percentage of service call issues directly from the help desk, rather than from on-site visits.

LV= Liverpool Victoria | Insurance | Video

LV= is a UK based financial services company with more than 5000 employees across the country. The company is using Verint Workforce Optimization to bring the organization together on one consistent, flexible platform, enabling them to reach Customer SAT's of 86%, some of the highest customer retention in the market, to support continued company growth and a seamless customer and employee experience across a variety of channels.

Managed Care Leader | Healthcare | Case Study

Using Verint Workforce Management, one of the fastest growing managed care organizations in the northeast United States improved average speed to answer by 85 percent and increased goal of service from 56 percent to 91 percent even in the face of increased call volume.

Mutual Life Insurer | Insurance | Case Study

This leading mutual life insurer uses Impact 360 Workforce Management to drive greater accountability among staff and managers, and saw an almost immediate cost savings in the reduction of headcount by more than 12 FTEs while improving the customer experience.

Navitor | Wholesale Printing | Case Study

Navitor uses Impact 360 Workforce Management to better understand its staffing needs and deliver flexible schedules that can be adjusted in real time, helping to improve service levels by nearly 10%.

Nedbank | Financial Services | Case Study

One of the four largest banking groups in South Africa, Nedbank chose Impact 360 Workforce Management to simplify forecasting and scheduling, enabling it to optimize schedules to keep pace with its growth and meet South Africa's complex labor laws.

New York Life | Insurance | Case Study

New York Life, the oldest mutual life insurer in the U.S., relies on Impact 360 Workforce Management to enhance its scheduling patterns, improving its ability to staff at the right time of day-at the optimal time for calling-and leading to a reduction in overtime, a drop in attrition, and a boost in productivity.

Norwich Union Life Direct | Financial Services | Case Study

One of the leading providers of life and pension products in Europe, Norwich Union Life Direct saw absenteeism and attrition drop and productivity and sales lead significantly rise thanks to Impact 360 Workforce Management.

Siemens IT Solutions and Services | Staffing & Outsourcing Services | Case Study

Siemens IT Solutions and Services (formerly Siemens Business Services), a global IT outsourcer, deployed Impact 360 Workforce Management to reduce costs through flexible scheduling that enables compliance with union regulations in locations across the globe.

Tatra banka | Financial Services | Case Study

Tatra banka, one of the most innovative bank houses in Central and Eastern Europe, uses Verint Workforce Management to forecast and schedule more accurately, as well as proactively identify and quickly address staffing issues, helping it ensure an optimized workforce, efficient contact center operations, and, most important, highly-satisfied customers.

Telecontact | Staffing & Outsourcing Services | Case Study

Russia's largest outsourcer Telecontact decreased operational costs, improved adherence, and enhanced customer service by better aligning agent skills with workloads with Impact 360 Workforce Management.

Thames Water | Utilities | Case Study

Thames Water, the UK's largest water services company, is using Impact 360 Workforce Management to centralize planning and forecasting in its contact center and back-office operations, resulting in a 20% improvement in team leader productivity and 100% improvement in planning productivity.

UNISONO | Staffing & Outsourcing Services |  Video

A leading multinational business process outsourcer, UNISONO deployed Verint Workforce Management to standardize and align the management of its operations, improve efficiency, and enhance both employee and customer satisfaction - enabling it to differentiate its business and create a distinct competitive advantage.

USANA | Consumer Goods | Case Study | Video

One of the leading health and nutrition companies in the U.S., USANA Health Sciences leveraged Impact 360 Workforce Management to simplify and centralize scheduling across sites, resulting in 23% more calls handled per week and an 8% increase in service levels. 

Virgin Mobile | Telecommunications | Case Study

Mobile virtual network operator Virgin Mobile relies on Impact 360 Workforce Management for long-term forecast modeling, three to six-month shift planning, and day-to-day management of agent performance to make an improved difference to thousands of customers on a daily basis.

VTB24 | Financial Services | Case Study

A major player in the Russian banking services market, VTB24 deployed Impact 360 Workforce Management to automate and simplify staff forecasting and scheduling, increasing service levels by 5% while enhancing the work environment for agents and managers.

Yorkshire Building Society | Financial Services | Case Study

Yorkshire Building Society, one of the UK's leading financial organizations, saves numerous hours each week and is able to accurately predict spikes in work volumes-and the staff required to meet the demand-with Impact 360 Workforce Management.