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Success Stories: Customer Analytics

AAA Washington | Travel & Insurance | Case Study

Travel, insurance, and road services provider AAA Washington uses Impact 360 Speech Analytics to reveal why customers are calling and how to improve customer service, while reducing call volume.

Admiral Group PLC | Insurance | Case Study

Admiral Group PLC, one of the UK’s largest car insurance providers, transforms quality of customer engagement with Verint Call Recording, Quality Management, and Speech Analytics – helping it achieve resource savings, identify process differences to challenge average call handling times, increase efficiency, and streamline and accelerate accurate reporting across departments.

Bank of Montreal | Financial Services | Case Study

A Canada-based North American bank in business since 1817, Bank of Montreal uses Impact 360 Speech Analytics to attain “immeasurable customer experience ROI”—reducing call handling time, elevating contact center credibility, and increasing Net Promoter Score.

Bell Canada | Telecommunications | Video

Bell, Canada's largest communications company, uses Digital Feedback Management from OpinionLab, A Verint Company, to help measure, understand, and improve the online customer experience, in turn elevating customer satisfaction and increasing revenue by taking action to address customer issues, enhance processes, and optimize how customers interact with its website.

BMO Financial Group | Financial Services | Video

BMO Bank of Montreal, a highly diversified financial services provider offering a broad range of personal, commercial, and investment products and services to more than 12 million customers across North America, leverages Verint Speech Analytics to get to and understand the DNA of customer calls, using the near real-time insights to discover and understand top call drivers per line of business, top customer digital challenges and associated handle time, customer and associate experience, and more.

Carlson Craft | Printing | Case Study | Video

Using Impact 360 Speech Analytics from the Impact 360 Workforce Optimization suite, Carlson Craft, the world's largest wedding and social stationery printer, increased service levels by 20%, reduced handle time  by 15 seconds, and elevated customer loyalty and retention.

Damart | Retail | Case Study

A leading supplier of clothing to the over 50s market, retailer Damart leverages Impact 360 Speech Analytics to reduce customer calls, increase customer satisfaction, and drive greater revenue-increasing cross sales by 300%.

DAS | Insurance | Case Study

Introducing Impact 360 Speech Analytics to its existing Impact 360 Workforce Optimization investment, DAS, a leader in the legal expenses insurance market in the UK, saved upwards of £300,000 by improving one-call resolution and re-engineering its conversion process

defacto.call center & dialog | Staffing & Outsourcing Services | Case Study

Outsourcer defacto.call center & dialog uses Impact 360 Speech Analytics to identify and address issues that drive calls into its contact center, in turn improving business processes and reducing calls through call avoidance.

Education Financing Lender | Financial Services | Case Study

This financial services leader uses Impact 360 Speech Analytics to automatically mine its recorded interactions, attain customer insight, and build effective customer strategies in line with industry and legislative requirements and its own objectives.

Elavon | Merchant Services | Case Study

Elavon, a leading global provider of merchant acquiring services, providing integrated payment processing to more than 1 million merchants, saved nearly 600 accounts worth about $1.7 million in revenue in the first three months using Impact 360 Speech Analytics.

Express Scripts | Healthcare | Video
Using actionable intelligence generated from the use of Verint Quality Management and Speech Analytics, Express Scripts, the largest pharmacy benefit management organization in the United States, was able to identify and execute key customer experience improvements that helped deliver more than $3.2 million in savings in one year, with an average of $370,000 in savings per speech case study from call avoidance alone and overall improvements in member experience.

Firstsource Solutions Ltd. | Business Process Outsourcing | Video

A leading global business process outsourcer, Firstsource uses Verint Voice of the Customer Analytics, including Speech Analytics and Text Analytics, to identify customer sentiment and differentiate based on the unique customer insights and profound results it delivers to clients.

Firstsource Solutions Ltd. | Business Process Outsourcing | Infographic

Using Verint Text Analytics, Firstsource, a global provider of customized business process management services, was able to help a telecom client reduce refund contacts by 40% and eliminate over $100,000 a month from operating costs.

Firstsource Solutions Ltd. | Business Process Outsourcing | Infographic

Using Verint Text Analytics and Verint Speech Analytics, Firstsource, a global provider of customized business process management services, was able to help a retail banking client realize an 18% reduction in cost-to-serve, increase sales through phone, IVR, and web channels by 3%, and elevate customer satisfaction.

Global Technology Company | Electronics | Case Study

Using Verint Enterprise Feedback Management, a global technology company reduced the time it needed to develop and send a survey from days to less than 30 minutes and lowered time to insight from up to three weeks to near real-time.

Global Telecom Operator | Telecommunications | Case Study

Global telecom operator deploys Verint Speech Analytics to improve its ability to assess and address customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction - heightening agent performance and the customer experience.

HCF | Insurance | Case Study

HCF, one of Australia's largest not-for-profit private health and life insurance companies, uses Impact 360 Speech Analytics to deliver services more effectively, pinpoint problems before they escalate, and track campaigns in real time.

Higher Education Company | Education | Case Study

A for-profit higher education company engaged with Verint experts in an Impact 360 Speech Analytics managed services arrangement to help it more effectively come up to speed and fully utilize the software, gaining quantifiable strategic and tactical data to substantiate and address issues and opportunities with regard to the student experience.

Industrial Gas Supplier | Industrial Gas | Case Study

Verint Speech Analytics and Verint Customer Feedback helped the company strengthen communication channels and enabled the customer service team to be a true partner to the business and dynamically focus on meeting customers’ needs.

ING Direct Canada | Financial Services | Case Study

ING Direct, an online bank with more than 1.6 million clients and $27 billion in assets, relies on Impact 360 Speech Analytics to help it improve its business operations and the customer experience while saving millions of dollars.

Leading Media Company | Broadcast and Digital Media | Case Study

Using Verint Workforce Optimization, including Speech Analytics, a dynamic media and digital business leader improved customer satisfaction and loyalty by accelerating agent competency and enhancing agent performance.

Leading Personal Lines Insurer | Insurance | Case Study

A leading insurer in the U.S., with a financial arm offering life insurance and retirement solutions, used Verint Workforce Optimization with Verint Voice of the Customer Analytics to save more than $1 million by reducing live calls to agents, improve first call resolution by almost 4%, and elevate its industry customer service ranking from the bottom to the top quartile.

Leeds City Council | Government | Case Study

UK municipality Leeds City Council uses Impact 360 Workforce Optimization with Impact 360 Customer Feedback to survey citizens-effectively reducing cost per survey from an average of £6 to just a few pence.

Multinational Networking Company | Networking and communication technology | Case Study

A leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of networking equipment, with tens of thousands of employees worldwide, deployed Verint Enterprise Feedback Management to further unify its listening activities and feedback initiatives, helping facilitate a more holistic approach to customer listening and contributing to more than $300 million in overall cost savings.

National Consumer Panel | Market Research | Video

A joint venture between IRi and Nielsen, National Consumer Panel, a market research company,  leverages Verint Enterprise Feedback Management as its enterprise survey platform in support of its goal to help IRi's and Nielsen's respective clients discover opportunity and compete more effectively.

Neopost | Mailing Solutions | Case Study

A leading worldwide supplier of mailing solutions, Neopost used Verint Workforce Optimization with Speech Analytics to help reengineer its customer service strategy - improving productivity 30%, increasing NPS 15%, and boosting revenue 11%.

New York Life | Insurance | Case Study | Video

The largest mutual life insurance company in the United States, New York Life uses Verint Speech Analytics at the core of its consumer health index to provide better business insights and create a positive customer service experience. Further, using speech analytics to automate its quality solution and perform targeted call studies, the organization saw 40% savings across its quality assurance team, reduced call volume by 400,000 calls a year, and added six figures to its top line by improving sales effectiveness.

Sage Software | Software | Video

One of the world's top management software developers, Sage uses Verint Speech Analytics, delivered via a cloud deployment model and deployed in several countries, to better understand the needs of its customers and enable its customer service team to make even greater contributions to lead generation, sales, and NPS improvements.

Securitas Direct | Security Products & Services | Case Study | Video

Using Impact 360 Speech Analytics, Securitas Direct, a leading European provider of comprehensive security solutions, achieved 100% ROI in one year through its improved capacity to understand client perceptions and react in real time to enhance the customer experience.

SYKES | Staffing & Outsourcing Services | Full Video | Voice of the Employee Video

A global leader in customer contact management solutions and services, SYKES Enterprises, with more than 46,000 employees and a network of over 75 global centers, uses Verint Enterprise Feedback Management to capture, analyze, and transform customer and employee feedback into actionable information to help enhance service, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Telefónica O2 Ireland | Telecommunications | Case Study | Video

A leading provider of mobile services in Ireland, Telefonica O2 Ireland uses Impact 360 Workforce Optimization with Speech Analytics to improve best practices and the overall customer experience and identify areas of operational savings through call avoidance.

TELUS International | Staffing & Outsourcing Services | Video

A leading global business process outsourcer, TELUS International uses Verint Workforce Optimization and Speech Analytics to support its goal of putting customers first and helping its customers understand their business better, so they can achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction and better operational results.

Thermo Fisher Scientific | Biotechnology | Case Study

The world leader in serving science, Thermo Fisher Scientific, with revenues of $18 billion and more than 55,000 employees worldwide, needed a better way to maintain and administer customer surveys, as well as combat the increased costs of supporting users on multiple survey platforms. Standardizing on Verint Enterprise Feedback Management, the company improved its overall customer survey data collection and analysis, in turn enhancing product development efforts while also cutting survey administration time in half, reducing survey fatigue and customer frustration, and increasing response rates.

The Royal College of Physicians | Healthcare | Case Study
A registered charity that aims to ensure high-quality care by promoting the highest standards of medical practice, The Royal College of Physicians captures feedback from more than 20,000 physicians quickly and easily – at higher response rates – gaining actionable intelligence for decision making, using Verint Enterprise Feedback Management.

TMJ Inc. | Staffing & Outsourcing Services | Case Study | Video

TMJ Inc., a leading Japanese telemarketer and business process outsourcer, uses Verint Speech Analytics to reduce the amount of time required for voice of the customer analysis from a few months to a few weeks, increasing the speed of improvement activities.

TSIA | Technology Services | Case Study

The world’s leading organization dedicated to advancing the business of technology services, Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) turned to Verint Enterprise Feedback Management for a robust, yet flexible, survey solution to meet a diverse set of requirements - in turn increasing completed survey responses by more than 150% while decreasing survey administration and simultaneously improving the member experience.

Turnkey Intelligence | Sports & Entertainment | Case Study

Turnkey Intelligence, an independent third-party research firm recognized, respected, and trusted by the top entities in sports and entertainment, uses Verint Enterprise Feedback Management as the critical foundation for its commercial research offerings, soliciting and capturing feedback from more than one million sports and entertainment fans annually to drive customer experience improvements at more than 220 professional and collegiate properties, leagues, brands, and events.

U.S. Army Recruiting Command | Government | Case Study

Responsible for recruiting for both active and reserve personnel, helping to ensure national security and readiness, the U.S. Army Recruiting Command (USAREC) leverages Verint Enterprise Feedback Management for greater data insight to help drive change and ensure optimal recruiting program performance.

VSP Vision Care | Healthcare | Case Study | CRM Service Elite Award

Global benefits provider VSP Vision Care uses Impact 360 Speech Analytics to acquire insights from calls regarding marketing initiatives, product design, and client opportunities that it can share with departments company-wide to drive enterprise results.

Wipfli | Accounting and Business Consulting | Video

Ranking among the top 25 accounting and business consulting firms in the U.S., Wipfli uses uses Verint Enterprise Feedback Management at the heart of its total customer experience program, capturing and turning customer feedback into actionable intelligence to increase client satisfaction, lower costs, and build more robust business development characteristics to enhance revenue.