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Success Stories: Engagement Management

All Partners Access Network (APAN) | Government | Case Study
Using Telligent Community, the All Partners Access Network (APAN), an unclassified information sharing service for the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), successfully introduced social communities, with steady growth that now includes more than 2,500 communities and thousands of blogs, calendars, forums, media galleries, and wikis.

Carenet Healthcare Services | Healthcare Support Services | Video

Carenet Healthcare Services, a leading provider of care management, nurse triage, and engagement solutions, uses KANA Enterprise to deliver an omnichannel customer experience and put vital information at its agent's fingertips to more effectively serve more than 25 million people worldwide and help consumers make better healthcare decisions.

City of Buffalo | Government | Video

Supported by the Verint Engagement Management local government solution for citizen engagement, the City of Buffalo’s “Operation Clean Sweep” program played a significant role in reducing overall crime in Buffalo by 25%.

Document Technology and Services Leader | Information Technology Services | Case Study

A document technology and services leader migrated more than half a million knowledge articles and other documents to the latest version of Verint Knowledge Management, creating a global application for knowledge content spanning 23 languages and approximately 700 products.

eircom | Telecommunications | Case Study

eircom, the largest integrated telecommunications operator in Ireland, uses KANA Enterprise to empower agents through information - putting the right knowledge and information at agents’ fingertips to positively impact the customer experience and enhance customer loyalty.

Leading Grocery and General Merchandising Retailer | Retail | Case Study
Deploying Verint Engagement Management, including employee desktop, knowledge management, case management, live chat, web self-service, email management, and whitemail management, one of the largest grocery and general merchandising retailers in the world, with two customer service centers staffed by more than 1,200 employees, reduced the volume of customer emails received, as well as the average handle time related to the servicing of customer emails, and deceased overall call volume.

Leading Home Repair and Maintenance Provider | Energy | Case Study
Part of the retail operations division of a Fortune 500 energy services company, this leading home repair and maintenance provider, which handles close to one million calls a year in providing 24x7 support to customers owning 1.2 million warranty and leasing contracts, leverages Verint Customer Engagement Optimization, including Workforce Optimization, Employee Desktop, and Enterprise Feedback Management, to improve agent productivity, decrease training time, increase first contact resolution, and boost customer satisfaction.

Leading Multinational Insurance Company | Insurance | Case Study

Deploying Verint Engagement Management, including Verint Web Self-Service, Verint Live Chat, and Verint Email Management, to deliver web-based self-service to meet growing customer demand, a leading multinational insurer based in the Asia Pacific region saved an estimated seven figures from contact deflection over a 12-month period, deflected 40% of high-cost change of address transactions to self-service, and improved email response times by 24 business hours for inquiries to its e-business customer service team.

North Lanarkshire Council | Government | Case Study
North Lanarkshire Council transforms digital service delivery and outcomes with Verint Digital First Engagement Management, ensuring customers receive prompt and efficient multichannel local government services and delivering forecasted cost savings of £785,000 annually.

SNS Bank | Financial Services | Case Study

Integrating its client management system with Verint Knowledge Management, SNS Bank, a Dutch retail bank offering financial products to both companies and individuals, improved the quality of customer interactions, resulting in a significant jump in customer satisfaction in just three weeks following deployment.

Tele2 | Telecommunications | Case Study

Leading telecommunications provider Tele2, who provides television, internet, telephony, and mobile 4G services, implemented Verint Knowledge Management across its branches in Europe, helping it ensure more effective and consistent employee communications with customers and improve knowledge transfer to increase customer and employee satisfaction.

Wheatley Group | Housing, Care, and Community Regeneration| Case Study

Wheatley Group, Scotland’s leading housing, care, and community regeneration group, used Verint Engagement Management, including employee desktop, case management, knowledge management, and web self-service, to help introduce a richer, more personalized customer experience; ensure consistent service across phone, web, email, SMS, and local offices; and deflect more costly phone contacts to more cost-effective self-help channels.