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Success Stories: Back-office Operations

Document Management Organization | Financial Services | Case Study

Using Impact 360 for Back-office Operations, a document management division of one of the largest, most diversified financial services companies in the U.S. increased productivity 20%, optimized staff utilization, and cut upwards of $500,000 in monthly spending-achieving an ROI of more than 1000%.

Education Financing Lender | Financial Services | Case Study

This financial services leader recognized $750,000+ in annual savings by automating the visibility, collection, and analysis of contact center and back-office work volumes using Impact 360 for Back-office Operations.

Humana | Healthcare | Video

Humana Inc. is committed to helping its millions of medical and specialty members achieve their best health. Learn how the company has embedded Verint technology, including Call Recording, Quality Management, Workforce Management, Advanced Scorecards, and Speech Analytics, across its front- and back-office operations to support a complete center of excellence model and more effectively drive performance management, enhance customer engagement, and have a more pronounced and positive impact on patients' lives.

Innovative Prescription Benefit Management Leader | Healthcare | Case Study
A prescription benefit management leader, who fills almost two billion prescriptions annually through mail order, combines the use of Verint Enterprise Workforce Management, Desktop and Process Analytics, and Scorecards to improve visibility into performance, leading to the faster processing of work and savings of $200,000 a month.

Investment Management Leader | Financial Services | Case Study

An investment management leader lowered idle time by 50% in 90 days, reduced headcount by 15% and overtime by 37%, and increased activity per associate by 9% following its deployment of Impact 360 for Back-Office Operations.

Large Non-Profit Health Insurer | Healthcare | Case Study

A large non-profit health insurer utilized key functionality from Verint Enterprise Workforce Management and Verint Productivity Visualizer to help optimize its attendance and performance management, increasing capacity by 3.5% or $1.25 million in savings over a 12-month period, improving productivity by 16% or almost 800 hours a week, and eliminating upward of $70,000 of incorrectly paid overtime on an annual basis.

Leading Private Education Provider | Education | Case Study

A large private education provider, offering undergraduate, graduate, professional development, and other educational programs and services to working adults, increased productivity by 5 to 15% and optimized staffing by 11% in various back-office departments, while maintaining service levels, following its deployment of Verint Desktop and Process Analytics, Enterprise Workforce Management, and Scorecards.

Long-Term Care Pharmacy Services Provider | Healthcare | Case Study

A leading provider of pharmacy and related services to healthcare facilities, this Fortune 500 company reduced temporary labor by 25%, overtime by over 3%, and headcount by nearly 4% while simultaneously improving the performance of its back-office staff and the level of service delivered to customers.

Multi-line Insurer | Insurance | Video

A Fortune 500 banking and insurance provider improved productivity by 10% and saved $5 million in one year after deploying Impact 360 Desktop and Process Analytics.

Mutual Life Insurer | Insurance | Case Study

This leading mutual life insurer relies on Impact 360 for Back-office Operations to shorten service delivery times and control costs, attaining a 100% return on investment in less than one year through the identification and reduction of non-production activities.

Pharmacy Benefits Management Company | Healthcare | Case Study

This U.S. pharmacy benefits manager, employing more than 20,000 people and dispensing over 580 million prescriptions annually, uses Impact 360 for Back-office Operations to efficiently and effectively schedule 2,200 employees with over 400 work queues.

StarTek | Staffing & Outsourcing Services | Case Study

Leading business process outsourcer StarTek implemented Impact 360 Desktop and Process Analytics to enhance the capacity and capability to do more back-office work with less staff, increasing offline agent efficiency by 10% and application utilization by 20%.

State Social Services Agency | Government | Case Study

Deploying Verint Workforce Optimization, including Verint Speech Analytics, and Verint Back-Office Workforce Optimization, this state social services agency, with 1,300 employees spanning approximately 40 main service offices, 20 branch offices, and a virtualized contact center, identified upward of 20% efficiency improvement and, conservatively, anticipates FTE savings of more than $4 million annually.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) | Government | Case Study

TDCJ, with a mission of ensuring the public safety of Texas citizens, uses Impact 360 Desktop and Process Analytics inside its information technology division to measure and optimize the performance of Web-based applications and reduce maintenance costs

TriNet | Staffing & Outsourcing Services | Video

A trusted strategic HR partner to growing businesses, TriNet saved $300,000 in overtime in its first year using Impact 360 Workforce Optimization across its front-line customer service and back-office operations, while also elevating employee performance and productivity and increasing customer satisfaction.