Call Risk Scoring

Identify suspicious behavior in your IVR in real time. Reduce fraud, enhance customer experience and mitigate employee workload.

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As the number of calls to your contact center and other departments increases, the number of fraudulent activities also rises. Fraudsters are specifically targeting IVR channels with increasingly sophisticated techniques to bypass security and authentication processes.

Introducing additional security measures, however, adds complexity to the customer experience. This can result in more abandoned calls or agents having to start interactions by dealing with the caller’s frustration.

There has to be a better way.

Screen out fraudsters before they get to an agent

Verint Call Risk Scoring API uses patented Da Vinci AI technology to address all of these issues simultaneously.

Easily integrated with your IVR, the actions and behavior of callers in your IVR channels are monitored and a call risk score is generated in real time to indicate whether the call has come from a legitimate customer or is a potentially fraudulent.

Possible fraudsters can be subjected to additional security measures before being put through to an agent.

Better for your employees, better for your customers

With Verint Call Risk Scoring, you can automate much of the caller screening and authentication steps currently handled by your agents at the same time as reducing the risk of fraud.

Since agents will only interact with callers who have been screened and verified in the IVR, customers won’t be subjected to tedious follow-up questions, resulting in a better caller experience and reduced employee workload.

It’s win-win.

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Fraud detection

Verint Call Risk Scoring captures characteristics from each phone call and puts them together with both historical and real-time behavioral analysis.

This enables:

  • Detection and prevention of fraud in the IVR before the call reaches the agent.
  • Generation of threat risk scores and an account watchlist. These can be used to drive IVR call flows designed to stop fraudsters or force additional levels of authentication.
  • Other channels, such as web and mobile, to use the risk score and account watchlist to deter cross-channel fraud.

Make your agents’ lives easier

Call risk scoring can provide your agents and employees with proactive alerts and guidance in real time. For 100% of voice channel (IVR) calls.

Screen pop-ups can feature alerts drawing attention to the call risk level, and direction to the agent on which caller authentication rules to use for each level of risk.

Fast API implementation to any IVR

Verint Call Risk Scoring can be connected to any IVR using its simple API. This can be implemented rapidly and typically delivers results within months.

A cloud-based service, it is available from the Verint Developer Portal and secured and authenticated in the Verint Cloud using OAuth 2.0.

Enhance your fraud prevention strategy

Optional capabilities can extend the value of your authentication and fraud prevention efforts.

  • Verint Da Vinci Active Voice Biometrics Enables the use of biometrics to verify customers’ identity in your interactive voice response (IVR), intelligent virtual assistant (IVA), and mobile apps
  • Passive Voice BiometricsEnables the use of biometrics to passively screen calls against a database of customer, agent, and fraudster “voiceprints”.

Meet Verint Da Vinci

Verint Call Risk Scoring is powered by Verint’s advanced Da Vinci artificial intelligence capabilities.

Leverage Verint Da Vinci AI and Analytics across your enterprise, delivering even more value from the Verint Cloud Platform and other Verint applications.

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