Customer Awards


Engage European Customer Awards

Have you or someone within your organisation used software from Verint to optimise customer engagement? Has this person helped increase customer satisfaction, build customer loyalty, drive revenue, improve operational efficiencies, and/or heighten employee morale? If so, then be sure to enter for the 2016 Engage European Customer Awards

The Engage Europe Customer Awards recognise individuals and their respective companies for outstanding accomplishments over the past year in the following categories:

  • Enriching Interactions: Creating better customer experiences and business outcomes — and happier, more loyal customers — by using the voice of the customer across interaction channels to more effectively engage customers and employees.
  • Improving Processes: Improving the productivity of sales and service employees to enable the delivery of fast, effective, and consistent high-quality service by phone, email, chat, and web self-service that better engages customers.
  • Optimising the Workforce: Reducing cycle times and costs and improving process outcomes by analysing interaction and process performance and using the insight gained for continuous improvement.

Finalists will be selected for each category and asked to present additional information to a panel of judges via phone or in written form. One winner will be selected for each category.

Winners will have the opportunity to take part in a professionally-developed video highlighting their outstanding accomplishments.

The shortlist of nominations will be announced on 24th October.