eg solutions ltd. is a leading enterprise workforce optimisation software company, specialising in the back office.

eg pioneered this new market space and developed the most complete, purpose built workforce optimisation software for back offices – the only solution that manages work, people and end-to-end processes wherever they are undertaken, anywhere in the world.

Great software deserves great services. Our services are based on years of domain experience and are valued by our customers to help identify improvements, build-in best practice into processes then embed them through our proven software.

The result is a robust solution guaranteed to improve operational efficiency, improve customer satisfaction and compliance. The knowledge transferred through the eg operational management methodology and eg operational intelligence suite enables the continuous monitoring, optimisation and transformation of back office operations.

Our software is now used by leading national, international and global companies in multiple industry sectors including financial services, government, BPOs, healthcare and utilities.

Using our forecasting, scheduling, real-time work management and operational analytics capabilities we deliver measureable improvements in service, quality, productivity and regulatory compliance. When supported by the eg operational management methodology implementation and training services we guarantee return on investment in short timescales.

From the outset eg conducted its implementations on a fixed cost, fixed timescale basis. eg is the only back office workforce optimisation software company that guarantees return on investment and is paid based on the results delivered – implementations will pay for themselves, typically within 6 months. This has earned eg the reputation for ‘doing exactly what it says on the tin’. A recent customer satisfaction survey showed that 100% of clients would recommend eg to another company.

Regardless of who is serving the customer – call center, back offices, branches or the field – our solutions provide true insight into the full customer service process and promote world-class operational management capability.