Knowledge Management Software for the mulit-generational workplace

Knowledge Management Minds the Generational Gap

Seriously Smart Organizations are using Knowledge Management
to succeed in today’s multi-generational workplace and marketplace.

Provide all-access to information, to all ages and abilities, whenever and wherever it’s needed.

The challenge: How to accommodate the wide range of needs and preferences of everyone – from the digitally savvy to the digital novice

Knowledge greases the machinery of today’s service environment – supporting new means of generating, discovering and sharing information to inform the enterprise and serve customers that transcends generational and digital divides.

Learn more in a new Gartner Report: Revive Knowledge Management With The Digital Workplace.

…customers are using web or mobile self-service more frequently than any other channel for customer service. To serve this need, AD&D pros supporting customer service operations increasingly invest in knowledge management solutions to power self-service success. Kate Leggett, Forrester Research: Customers Self-Serve As A First Point Of Contact For Customer Service: Adopt Five Best Practices To Drive Self-Service Knowledge Success, May 2016
Achieved a 50% reduction in training costs with Verint Knowledge Management. Large Personal Insurer
Emerging technologies associated with the digital workplace are creating opportunities to advance the people, collaboration and contextual aspects of knowledge management, causing IT leaders to rethink technology-focused strategies.Gartner Research: Revive Knowledge Management With the Digital Workplace, October 2015
Achieved 5.9% revenue increase (4B) associated with knowledge management contribution. Large Electronics Retailer
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    One-size customer service doesn’t work in today’s multi-generational customer care environment.

    Get the scoop from our resident KM experts on how you can employ new means of discovering and sharing information to empower the enterprise and serve customers, transcending generational and digital divides.

  • Bridging Generation Gaps in Customer Care with Knowledge Management eBook Get the eBook
[know me]
Meet customer service expectations in the context of specific wants and needs, products and services used, consistently across all channels and devices. #allaccess
[understand me]
Respect customer and employee individuality – ensuring information is easily accessible across channels and supports user intent, preferences and context. #allaccess
[value me]
Surface the right information in the right context for efficient, productive interactions that positively influences brand satisfaction and loyalty. #allaccess
[empower me]
Provide customers with the information they seek quickly and easily via self-serve means and support continuous learning for more effective, more engaged employees. #allaccess

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