Enterprise Workforce Management Powers Back-Office Optimization

Enterprise Workforce Management Optimizes Service and Capacity

Seriously Smart Organizations optimize all customer support functions for better business outcomes with less effort.

Align People, Processes, and Work for Improved Productivity and Profitability.

Is Your Back Office Holding You Back?

Issues in the back office – the processing engine of the enterprise – can keep you from meeting today’s customer expectations. But fixing these issues is nearly impossible without visibility into what is being done by whom, when and for how long – a capability most back offices are lacking.

Learn what DMG Consulting’s Donna Fluss has to say about this and more in Benefits of Workforce Management for Back-Office Operating Departments – "the most people-intensive departments in enterprises."

Companies with integrated back-office activity enjoy 97% greater annual improvement in customer satisfaction rates (6.5% vs 3.3%) compared to those with poor back-office activities. Aberdeen Group, Secrets for Improved Productivity & Performance in the Back-Office, July 2014
When a well-thought-out workforce optimization strategy is implemented in the back office, the return – whether it’s cost savings or improved speed – is measurable, immediate and repeatable. IDC Financial Insights, Let’s Not Forget the Value of People and Processes, April 20, 2015
When we invested in Verint Back-Office Workforce Optimization, we set a goal of 10 percent improvement in operational efficiencies. We saw a gain of almost five percent after 180 days, eight percent after a year, and fully realized our goal in just 18 months.Vice President, Retail Support Operations, Leading Investment Management Firm
Verint Back-office Operations helped make a single, virtual queue environment a reality, enabling us to forecast and balance workloads across sites – reducing downtime and improving productivity. Director of Enterprise Systems, Pharmacy Operations, Pharmacy Benefits Management Company
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