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Agent Desktop Delivers Differentiation

Seriously Smart Organizations are leveraging Agent Desktop to empower employees to deliver effortless customer engagement.

Empower Your Next-Generation Workforce with More Streamlined Information Access.

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[understand me]
Surface information about customer intent and sentiment to give employees actionable intelligence for better, more personalized customer engagement. #EngagedEmployee
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Aggregate context from every point in the customer journey to enable employees to meet and exceed service expectations consistently across all channels and devices. #EngagedEmployee
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Improve employee proficiency to handle increasingly complex customer interactions, with the answers customers need easily and efficiently, and in alignment with corporate compliance and governance. #EngagedEmployee
[value me]
Make interactions efficient, productive, and frictionless, making the best use of customers’ and employees’ time, and positively influencing customer loyalty and employee satisfaction. #EngagedEmployee

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