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Voice of the Customer Solutions

Make Every Interaction Matter

Leading organizations are using VoC programs to transform customer experience for ultimate competitive advantage.

Listen, analyze and act on customer insights from all channels to improve revenues and profit margins.

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Now organizations can listen across all channels – through targeted and contextual company-initiated surveys, customer-initiated feedback on digital properties, and via social feedback, gain deep understanding into customer emotion and sentiment through continuous analysis of recorded calls, emails and chat sessions through our speech and text analytics, with best-in-class guidance on customer experience measurement, benchmarking and actions.

CX Leaders will increasingly win business from empowered customers and shrink the revenue potential
of their competitors.Roxana Strohmenger, Creator of Forrester’s CX IndexTM
Verint has one of the broadest VoC technology bases.Gartner, Market Guide Voice of the Customer Solutions, September 6, 2016
Customer experience (CX) leaders require voice-of-the-customer (VoC) capabilities to measure the outside-in view of customer experience. Without these capabilities, it is difficult to understand the customer journey, quantify customer sentiment and perceptions, identify improvement opportunities, and measure the impact of customer experience initiatives.Gartner, Market Guide Voice of the Customer Solutions, September 6, 2016
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    10 Signs You’re Guilty of Disconnected Customer Listening

    No matter what industry you operate in, your customers expect to be able to engage with you effectively across a variety of different channels. Why? Consumers generally want to get what they want from your business, quickly, efficiently, with precision, and on their terms.

  • 10 Signs you're guilty of disconnected customer listening Get the Strategy Guide
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Verint enables organizations to listen to customers across all channels throughout the customer journey/lifecycle.
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Verint provides the ability to develop a deep understanding of customer feedback and sentiment to guide organizations to be laser-focused on meeting customer needs.
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Verint makes all customer input matter to drive action to continually enhance interactions for improved brand satisfaction and loyalty.
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Verint resources and guidance sets organizations up for CX success, with fast ROI, reduced risk and measurable business results.
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