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  • 20%

    20% Increase in Online Customer Satisfaction

  • 75%

    75% Increase in Opt-in Registrations

  • 20%

    20% Increase in Time On-site


L’Oréal Paris is the number one total beauty brand in the world that combines the latest technology with the highest in quality for the ultimate in luxury beauty at mass. Its trusted offerings include hair color, cosmetics, hair care and skin care products.

While merchandise is sold through retailers, the company’s website (www.lorealparisusa.com) is the home for consumer education and inspiration.

“We want to connect with the consumer in order to help her find the right products and routines to meet her unique beauty needs,” says Annamarie Bermundo, assistant vice president of digital and CRM platforms for L’Oréal Paris. “The website is core to our strategy of providing personalization and service beyond our products.”

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Solution: Verint Predictive Experience

Because of the web’s strategic importance, prior to starting the build and development of the new lorealparisusa.com, the company engaged Verint Predictive Experience to measure and analyze the web experience from the perspective of L’Oréal’s visitors, to identify areas of improvement and assign priority based on importance to the total visitor experience. Data revealed that the site wasn’t meeting customers’ needs in a number of key areas.

“We learned that our website, while strong at highlighting our key products and new launches, wasn’t necessarily connecting us with the consumer at a deeper level and driving engagement,” says Bermundo.

“Even though we had a strong suite of consultation tools across hair color, skin care and cosmetics, they were hard to find.” Based on these insights from Verint Predictive Experience, the company determined that making changes to site navigation, product browsing, and search functionality would have the biggest impact on site visitor satisfaction.

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Results: Transforming Insights

“Overall, we’ve seen an amazing 20 percent increase in satisfaction,” reports Bermundo. Navigation has improved nearly 10 percent and searchability has improved eight percent.

Bermundo says, “Being able to measure how satisfied consumers were with the old site and seeing the progression and lift in our satisfaction scores has been invaluable as it shows actual impact of the redesign project and helps us justify investment.”

How long visitors choose to engage with the site is an important key performance indicator for L’Oréal Paris. Because of improvements to the site navigation and product browse features, time on site has risen by as much as 20 percent and repeat visits per month have doubled. Use of “onsite consultations,” an interactive personalization and engagement tool, has increased tenfold.

Says Alex Uher, director of CRM and analytics for L’Oréal Paris, “Site opt-in registration is also up by nearly 75 percent.” Based on insights gathered from Verint Predictive Experience data, L’Oréal Paris dramatically simplified the sign-up process.

“The simplification of the sign-up process has unlocked marketing opportunities. Now we can use targeted email to reach out to consumers with targeted offers instead of just spending money on digital media and hoping people will come back to our site. We can track changes in behavior based on demographics as well as create demographic profiles by brand and categories.”

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Understanding Business Drivers

L’Oréal Paris also asked Verint Predictive Experience to measure the post-website-visit experience to help them understand the actions their customers take several days after visiting the brand’s site.

“We were surprised to learn a significant percent of visitors actually purchased product in store within seven days of visiting the website, highlighting the role and importance of owned digital properties at driving sales lift, “says Bermundo.

“Associating impact of digital on path to purchase can be very difficult for brands without e-commerce or retail locations. Verint Predictive Experience has become an important part of how we tie back site engagement to sales.”

Says Bermundo, “Using Verint Predictive Experience, we’re constantly optimizing our site and monitoring the pulse of consumers. If we notice a dip in our satisfaction scores, we need to look at that. It’s our barometer for our monthly management calls. Going into a meeting with a gut feeling about what’s happening holds no weight. It’s great to have the Verint Predictive Experience data to fall back on.”

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