Did You Hear? Verint Introduces New Market-Leading AI Innovation to Further Expand Real-time Agent Assist Capabilities

Verint Team December 2, 2021

Verint recently announced new AI-driven Real-time Agent Assist (RTAA) capabilities including real-time sentiment analysis and new work assist functionality in the Verint Customer Engagement Cloud Platform. These latest enhancements to the platform also include a highly accurate transcription engine built on advanced deep neural network models and expanded capabilities for its Engagement Data Management solution.

The new functionality, powered by Verint Da Vinci AI and Analytics, helps organisations connect with customers on a more empathic and human level, empowering agents with in-the-moment knowledge and context around customer sentiment and intent.

Equipped with this functionality, brands have a powerful tool to assist employees as they work from anywhere to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty in today’s digital-first world—where empathy-led customer experience is imperative.

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