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Back-Office Operations - Gain visibility and actionable intelligence into the work, people and processes to help drive improvements in productivity, efficiency, throughput, turnaround times, quality, and compliance.

Branch Operations – Leverage technology beyond traditional staff forecasting, planning, and scheduling to transform your face-to-face channel and empower employees to deliver a quality customer experience.

Desktop Analytics, Automation and Robotics – Gain visibility into desktop activity and automate tasks or processes to enhance compliance and improve efficiency, quality and customer service.

Digital and Mobile Self-Service – Empower customers to resolve issues themselves and enhance the overall customer experience.

Employee Engagement, Quality, and Performance – Empower, motivate and enhance employee skills and behaviors to meet performance goals and deliver exceptional service while providing employees with tools and insight for delivering exceptional service and performance.

Knowledge Management – Enable employees and customers to find answers quickly with personalized results tailored to the customer’s context.

Government – Help local, state, and federal organizations and other public services to enhance performance, customer service, and the overall quality of citizen interactions.

Omnichannel Strategies – Provide simplified customer service that spans channels, data, process, and knowledge to improve the overall customer journey.

Security Compliance – Enhance investigations, improve risk mitigation for security and safety, and ensure operational security compliance.

The Future of Customer Engagement – Prepare for what’s next in delivering exceptional customer service.

Voice of the Customer – Discover trends and customer intelligence, enhance customer experience, and improve omnichannel service processes.

Workforce Management – Plan, forecast and schedule to efficiently meet

If you are selected to present, you will be notified accordingly and assigned a Verint session manager to help you finalize your session title and description, as well as assist you with your session planning and presentation.

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