Theme Descriptions

Themes and Topics

Engage 2016 consists of eight interactive themes designed to help you target the sessions that best meet your needs. Feel free to select the sessions of your choice, regardless of whether you’ve pre-registered for different sessions or themes.

Customer-Centric Engagement
When every interaction counts, making it easy, fast, and successful for the customer means everything.

Employee Engagement and Productivity
Employee effort, empowerment, effectiveness, and satisfaction are critical to sustaining superior customer engagement.

Improving Operational Efficiency
Making numerous processes run smoothly every time requires automation and the agility to make changes when needed.

From Analytics to Action
Insights from data should point the way to your next step, whether it’s the next moment in an interaction or the next big initiative for your organization.

Navigating Digital Transformation
Keeping up with rapid change in digital capabilities and expectations requires a clear understanding of these tectonic shifts and astute planning and execution to capitalize on them.

Trends and Strategies
The trends that are impacting organizations around the world demand strategies to adjust your course for the road ahead.

Understanding the Technology
For the IT professional, knowing more about the underpinning technologies can unlock greater value and efficiencies.

Solutions in Action
Learn how Verint customers have achieved favorable and even remarkable results from their customer engagement initiatives.


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