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Nextiva SMC

A Situation Management Center

A Unified Solution to Boost Awareness, Enhance Safety and Drive Efficiency

Today’s enterprises use a variety of security, life safety and business optimization systems, with each of these programs requiring operators to view the applications separately. To help streamline operations and enhance safety, operators need a unified view of all networked platforms. Bringing multiple systems together, Verint’s Nextiva SMC, a Situation Management Center, powered by Nextiva Fusion, combines information from numerous sources to increase operational efficiencies and responsiveness enterprise-wide.

VIS - pic for SMC.png

Nextiva SMC expands with your organization, giving you the ability to collaborate and optimize workflow among all integrated systems.

Benefits of Nextiva SMC:

  • Enhanced response time and effectiveness. Operators can view the location of fixed and mobile sensors and targets of interest. Identify incidents before they impact business operation by leveraging maps, security, traffic, government and commercial sensors and data sources.
  • Optimized operator efficiency. With a unified view and workflow across all sensors and systems, operators can filter false alarms and automatically identify incidents. Users can collaborate quickly, leveraging capabilities for incident reconstruction from multiple data sources.
  • Ensure training and compliance. Security procedures are predefined and comply with an organization’s standard operating procedures. Time spent handling tasks can be streamlined, and metrics and dashboards aid efficient operation.
  • Lower cost of security infrastructure. By integrating with existing infrastructure, organizations can minimize the need to replace legacy systems, and scale to future application and system needs.
  • Establishing the platform for the next generation of situation management solutions. Additional data sources can be integrated and additional modules, applications and solutions can be added to advance security intelligence.