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Video Business Analytics

Expand the application of video security infrastructure to enhance business performance

Verint Video Business Analytics is a comprehensive solution that helps forward-thinking retail organizations capture and analyze shopper movement patterns in order to increase conversion rates, improve operational efficiency and maximize customer satisfaction. Verint Video Business Analytics expands the application of video security infrastructure by using video from existing surveillance cameras to extract accurate and holistic data about customer behavior patterns; more than what traditional technologies produce.

Designed with superior technology, Verint Video Business Analytics provides high accuracy in variable environmental conditions including resistance to external lighting elements such as sun and shadows and extremely high traffic. Integrated with the Verint portfolio, Video Business Analytics features broad capabilities including video analysis and recording, real-time data acquisition and correlation of shopper traffic with other data sources, and relevant organizational metrics and dashboards for operational and strategic management. Leveraging this information, retailers can make real and predictive decisions regarding business operations.

Store Performance Management
Verint Video Business Analytics helps retailers make informed decisions by providing people counts with an accuracy rate of more than 95% – which is higher than what traditional technologies can produce. In combination with point-of-sale (POS) data, Verint Video Business Analytics provides in-store department managers, store managers, regional managers, and corporate management reliable metrics to benchmark store performance and identify trends. Retail organizations can use also shopper conversion rates from Verint Video Business Analytics to compensate and incentivize their sales staff, hence cultivating a customer-centric culture.

Optimize Your Workforce
The Verint Video Business Analytics suite of products captures the full range of shopper traffic monitoring and customer behavior patterns to help you make better operational decisions for sales, marketing, staffing and scheduling. With applications that analyze traffic flows and shopper movement, measure and predict queue lengths and wait times, monitor zone activity, and provide real-time reporting, Verint offers the most advanced and comprehensive solutions available. Leveraging Verint’s powerful queue management module, store managers can effectively re-assign staff between various departments and check-out counters in real-time, and optimize their daily and weekly staffing requirements. Web-based reports and dashboards allow regional and corporate managers to gain visibility into store operations and enable them to support store managers. By scheduling staff accordingly to actual customer volumes, retail organizations can ensure a superior customer experience while operating efficiently to produce higher margins.

Customer Experience Management
By combining the power of analytics with video surveillance technology, Verint Video Business Analytics allows you to gather, monitor and act on customer traffic and behavior patterns. Our easy-to-use interface lets you quickly search for pertinent data such as: when customers most frequent your store, how long they dwelled in specific areas, and typical wait time in lines. The solution helps dramatically reduce an organizations’ reliance on soft data, replacing it with real-world information to help increase sales, optimize operations, improve the customer experience, and enhance customer value.

Improving Marketing and Merchandising Effectiveness
Verint Video Business Analytics is designed to give you a better understanding of in-store customer behaviors in order to measure the success rate of marketing and advertising promotions. You can use these insights to improve store layout, product placement and promotional displays with actual customer behavior in order to increase sales and improve the bottom-line.

Who Can Benefit from Video Business Analytics?
Retailers around the globe are challenged with reducing expenses and increasing revenue by improving the effectiveness of their store operations. That means retailers have to be more creative than ever to increase their share of wallet with customers who visit their stores. Instead of simply relying on creativity, retailers can leverage Verint Video Business Analytics to drive targeted business decisions that attract customers to buy and improve sales staff deployment, enhancing their bottom-line.