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Cyber Security

Cyber Security

A Comprehensive Threat Protection System to Help Protect Organizations Against Advanced Cyber Attacks

Despite major investment by organizations in cyber security solutions, advanced cyber attacks continue to be successful, causing significant financial, operational and reputational damage to organizations. Existing approaches to protecting against advanced attacks suffer from architectural gaps:

  • Siloed detection and investigation tools — making it difficult to share intelligence and fully understand the attack scope.
  • Too many alerts — creating noise and making it difficult to focus remediation on the attacks that matter.
  • Insufficient automation — resulting in a long time from initial detection to containment and remediation.

Verint Threat Protection System

The Verint Threat Protection System is a comprehensive cyber security solution leveraging Actionable Intelligence to effectively protect organizations against advanced cyber threats.

Deployment Modes

The Verint Threat Protection System can be rapidly deployed in a stand-alone mode, and then be integrated with an organization's cyber security infrastructure already in place, for more comprehensive benefits.

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