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Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Helping to protect organizations from the increasing frequency and complexity of cyber-attacks

As overall awareness of cyber risks has increased over the years, so have the investments made by many organizations seeking greater protection from these risks. However, despite investments in perimeter security and point solutions to address specific network and end-point vulnerabilities, there have been many reported incidents of successful cyber-attacks, demonstrating that legacy approaches are often not sufficient in protecting against these evolving and advanced threats. Organizations today face the challenge of an increasing level of sophistication and volume of cyber-attacks.

We believe this trend will continue and that many organizations are unprepared to protect themselves against such attacks. We believe that cyber-attacks will become more targeted and sophisticated and that government and commercial organizations need an integrated cyber security platform for better protection through Actionable Intelligence capabilities. Such capabilities include better detection of threats through the tight integration of multiple point solutions and better protection through improved unified workflows and analytics-based investigative capabilities.

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