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For law enforcement, intelligence, and national security agencies

At A Glance
  • A suite of solutions for communications interception, decoding, monitoring, management, analysis, and location tracking in field operations
  • Standalone, tactical communications interception of fixed, GSM, UMTS, IP, and satellite networks
  • Rugged and portable all-in-one covert cases
  • Independent of public networks and infrastructure
  • Target and mass interception

Extend Communications Intelligence Capabilities to Field Operations

The Verint ENGAGE suite offers field units and special operation units a single source for virtually all their tactical intelligence needs. The ENGAGE suite includes versatile, tactical, and portable solutions to gather intelligence from cellular and satellite mobile phones.  

ENGAGE solutions intercept, decode, monitor, and analyze communications in field operations. These covert, portable solutions target specific networks and applications, with off-air interception and location solutions for GSM, UMTS, and mobile satellite networks.

ENGAGE Tactical Off-Air Interception Solutions

ENGAGE GI2 - Tactical off-air communications interception and location tracking of mobile GSM and UMTS phones

ENGAGE PI2 - Tactical off-air interception and location of all GSM traffic in an area

ENGAGE SI2 - Tactical off-air satellite interception of Thuraya, Inmarsat, and iSat mobile phones