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Security Intelligence


Anticipate, prepare and respond to security threats with proven solutions for protecting people, property and assets

We are a leading provider of Security Intelligence solutions. Our solutions are implemented in a variety of sectors, such as government, law enforcement, transportation, critical infrastructure, and commercial organizations.

Terrorism, criminal activities, cyber-attacks and other security threats, combined with new and more complex security challenges, are driving demand for innovative solutions that can enhance security to help anticipate, prepare, and respond to threats.   

Verint Security Intelligence Solutions help government and commercial organizations around the globe protect people and property, and assets; enhance public safety; and neutralize terror and crime. Our solutions generate Actionable Intelligence  through the analysis of voice, video, and unstructured text. This intelligence enables security professionals and first responders to take a more comprehensive, effective approach to gathering intelligence, managing security operations, optimizing emergency management, and improving safety and security.

Our Security Intelligence solutions include:

  • Cyber Security—comprehensive threat protection solutions designed to detect, investigate, and neutralize advanced cyber attacks.
  • Communications Intelligence—end-to-end solutions that help law enforcement, national security, intelligence, and other government agencies neutralize terrorism and crime
  • Situational Awareness—integrated solutions that combine physical security and intelligence to better anticipate and respond to security threats.

Find out how Verint Security Intelligence Solutions can benefit your business, too.