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Security Intelligence

Security Intelligence

Anticipate, prepare and respond to security threats with proven solutions for protecting people, property and assets

Terrorism, criminal activities, cyber-attacks and other security threats, combined with new and more complex security challenges, are driving demand for innovative solutions that can enhance security to help anticipate, prepare, and respond to threats.   

Verint Security Intelligence Solutions help government and commercial organizations around the globe protect people and property, and assets; enhance public safety; and neutralize terror and crime. Our solutions generate Actionable Intelligence  through the analysis of voice, video, and unstructured text. This intelligence enables security professionals and first responders to take a more comprehensive, effective approach to gathering intelligence, managing security operations, optimizing emergency management, and improving safety and security.

Verint’s portfolio of security intelligence solutions includes:

  • Communications Intelligence Solutions to help law enforcement, national security, intelligence agencies, and other government agencies neutralize terror and crime. Built on Verint expertise in deployments around the globe, our solutions efficiently collect, monitor, and analyze information from virtually any communication network or data source. Our portfolio features solutions for communications interception, mobile location tracking, open source web intelligence, tactical communications intelligence, and service provider compliance.
  • Cyber Security Solutions to assist national-level organizations and cyber-security operation centers (CSOCs) in detecting and thwarting cyber-attacks. Our solutions capture and analyze network traffic and glean insights from the data to detect malware and help prevent and investigate cyber-attacks.
  • Video and Situation Management Solutions to help protect people, property and assets, and enhance operational efficiency. Our portfolio delivers a sophisticated framework for capturing enterprise-wide IP video and other security and operational information, and provides integrated analytics, situation management and operational management capabilities. Designed for use across the enterprise, finance, retail, and critical infrastructure markets, Verint solutions help address the top security and operations challenges facing today’s organizations through advanced security and business intelligence, vertical solutions and subject matter expertise.
  • Homeland Security Solutions (HLS) to help safe city, border control, transportation security, critical infrastructure, and other large-scale security initiatives improve real-time security management and deploy resources effectively. By fusing data from a wide range of security systems and intelligence sources, our solutions enable efficient information correlation and analysis; rapid, rules-based alerts and action; and the ability to share information easily within and across agencies to facilitate timely response and investigation. 

Find out how Verint Security Intelligence Solutions can benefit your business, too. Call your local Verint office or contact us.