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Homeland Security & Public Safety


The ability to respond to the ever-evolving threat landscape requires innovative, integrated and Actionable Intelligence solutions that can synthesize advanced situational awareness, communications and cyber intelligence data. Verint’s comprehensive Homeland Security and Public Safety security solutions help organizations detect, deter, contain and prevent threats while improving operational efficiency and communications.

Verint security intelligence solutions enable:

  • Increased collaboration across security and law enforcement agencies
  • Rapid incident response
  • Empowered officials
  • Advanced critical investigation capabilities
  • Infrastructure continuity

Driven by Technology

Government organizations, in connection with safe city, border control, transportation security, critical infrastructure, and other large-scale security initiatives rely on Verint’s robust Actionable Intelligence solutions.

Situational Awareness Platform
Verint Situational Awareness Platform combines data from multiple subsystems into one interface, enabling rapid, accurate and proactive response.

Video Surveillance Solutions
Verint’s comprehensive, scalable suite of video surveillance cameras, video management software, NVRs and DVRs delivers unprecedented security intelligence.

Law Enforcement Agency Solutions
Verint solutions enable emergency services, law enforcement agencies, government institutions, airports and seaports, and other organizations to capture, analyze, and act quickly on large amounts of information from disparate systems and sources.

Communications and Cyber Intelligence Solutions
Verint technologies collect, monitor and analyze complex information from virtually any communication network or data source to detect, track and intercept threats and thwart cyber-attacks.

Expert Service and Support
Verint’s industry and technology experts provide our customers a seamless integration, deployment and management of Verint systems.