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Banking Fraud and Security Solutions

Identify and combat fraud, mitigate risk and ensure compliance with Verint’s award-winning Actionable Intelligence security portfolio. Increase your level of service and convenience while predicting and responding to escalating threats in real-time. Verint’s financial solutions provide:

  • Advanced, unified technology
  • Fast, flexible and personalized interactions
  • Predictive analytics
  • Data protection
  • 24/7 surveillance

Solutions include:

Video Surveillance and Recording: Comprehensive and robust video surveillance product line designed to enable banks and retailers to protect people and assets, improve performance and satisfaction while reducing cost of operations.

IP Cameras: High definition indoor and outdoor line of IP cameras that combine excellent video quality with ultra-efficient bandwidth management to accommodate virtually any video surveillance application.

Video Surveillance Analytics:  Powerful suite of integrated analytic applications that can automatically detect potential breaches, threats and significant events and generate instant alerts.

Video Business Analytics: Sophisticated algorithms enable retailers to manage store performance, improve customer service, prevent crimes, and train personnel in real time.