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Verint Mobile Workforce Optimization

Benefit from Workforce Optimization on Your Mobile Device

Today’s employees are increasingly mobile and want the convenience of accessing and working with information directly from their smartphones and tablets.

Verint Mobile Workforce Optimization is a native mobile app that can provide your employees and managers with the core benefits of Verint Workforce Optimization right from their mobile devices. From contact centers to branch and back-office operations, this practical, user-friendly app can deliver a variety of benefits across your enterprise, including:

  • Increased supervisor productivity by enabling them to take immediate, appropriate action while away from their workstations. Supervisors can quickly call and email employees, helping resolve questions and issues without the need to be physically present in their offices.
  • Enhanced employee productivity by enabling staff to view important schedule information or request time off, regardless of their location, without having to access a computer and Web browser.
  • Greater employee satisfaction by providing the flexibility to conduct a variety of activities on mobile devices—a preferred means of communication for many.

With Verint Mobile Workforce Optimization, your organization can provide its employees with on-demand access to frequently used workforce optimization functionality, both within and outside the workplace. It’s a practical solution designed to meet the needs and expectations of today’s evolving workforce.

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Verint Impact 360 Mobile

Verint Impact 360 Mobile