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Voice of the Employee

Improve Employee Engagement and Retention

Verint Voice of the Employee is a centrally managed, global employee engagement strategy and technology platform that can help your organization capture and analyze employee feedback , then use it to make decisions that foster employee retention, engagement, and productivity.

Since employee engagement has a proven, direct impact on increasing staff retention and loyalty, reducing turnover costs, and driving a more productive, profitable company, it’s critical to your business. However, managing an ongoing, committed employee engagement program can be challenging, particularly for organizations that have large numbers of employees or geographically distributed staff.

Verint Voice of the Employee can help you address that challenge. Moreover, it can help you align employee satisfaction metrics with captured customer satisfaction data—a key activity, since there’s a direct correlation between employee engagement and the quality of the customer experience.  By bringing employee and customer satisfaction data together, Verint Voice of the Employee can provide you with deeper insight into enterprise performance and the overall customer experience.

Why Voice of the Employee?

Using Verint Voice of the Employee, your organization can obtain feedback from employees on an ongoing basis; understand their motivation, satisfaction and interest levels; and use this insight to cultivate a loyal, committed staff.  Human resources and other functional areas across your business can learn what drives performance, and where employees perceive obstacles—for customers, as well as for themselves—and areas of misalignment.  By acting on this valuable employee feedback, your organization can optimize the customer experience while improving processes, products, and services, and ultimately, profitability. 

As a single solution that you can manage in-house, Verint Voice of the Employee provides a timely, cost-effective alternative to traditional, third-party employee satisfaction surveys.  You can easily survey thousands of employees across hundreds of locations and multiple languages, then centrally measure and analyze their feedback.

Build an Ongoing Process for Cultivating Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

With Verint Voice of the Employee, your organization can engage and listen to employees, from the time they onboard and throughout their employment lifecycle, helping you understand—and respond to—their satisfaction and engagement levels. Employees often have feedback unrelated to customer interactions, such as issues or suggestions regarding benefits packages, training and development opportunities, and organizational services, including internal help desk, human resources, and technical support services. All of these can impact their satisfaction and productivity.

With Verint Voice of the Employee, you can:

  • Capture feedback from employees across your enterprise using their preferred channels, including email, Web, mobile, and SMS surveys.
  • Segment and survey individuals based on attributes—such as demographics, management level, department, location, and tenure—to reveal targeted insights.
  • Gain real-time analytics, dashboards, and reporting and easily share this information with stakeholders across your organization, helping to speed decision making.
  • Understand employee sentiment using text analytics.    

 Align Employee Engagement with Customer Experience

Voice of the Employee leverages Verint’s powerful Voice of the Customer Analytics technology to provide a single platform for integrating feedback from customers and employees. With this holistic view, you can identify trends and best practices, address latent issues and opportunities, and develop highly effective, targeted strategies to enhance customer loyalty and drive revenue.

 Read the Voice of the Employee datasheet