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Personalized Guidance

Enhance customer service by delivering guidance to agents in real time

Many enterprises view their contact centers as strategic tools to strengthen brand perception, improve customer satisfaction, and resolve customer issues—which makes first-call resolution (FCR) a critical metric for evaluating success.

Verint Personalized Guidance can help improve FCR by providing analytics-driven, real-time guidance for identifying the root cause of suboptimal customer/agent interactions, providing in-the-moment guidance to agents, and surfacing and analyzing insights from those calls.

Why Personalized Guidance?

While contact center optimization efforts—training, monitoring, and analysis—drive quality standards for a majority of calls, there are some types of interactions that may be consistently handled sub-optimally. For example, an FCR rate of 80 percent still leaves 20 percent of calls as repeats.

In response to these challenges, organizations are looking for personalized strategies that involve prompting agents during “moments of truth” to help optimize the experience for the customer and the organization’s KPIs. Verint Personalized Guidance tackles this problem head-on.

Analytics Out of the Box

Verint Personalized Guidance uses analytics to help you understand the root causes of less successful interactions, take action to correct and prevent them, and achieve quality metrics more consistently while enhancing customer experience and process optimization efforts.  It leverages proven solutions from the Verint Impact 360 Workforce Optimization suite, including Impact 360 Performance Management, Impact 360 Speech Analytics, and Impact 360 Desktop and Process Analytics.

This powerful product combination creates a solution that can help you support your FCR efforts by:

  • Examining the root cause of specific problems or scenarios from both sides of an interaction.
  • Gaining deeper insight into what customers tell you about problems or complaints.
  • Discovering what agents are doing to help resolve customer issues during calls.
  • Pinpoint problems and identifying the best way to resolve them.
  • Providing agents with real-time guidance.

Enhance the Quality of Customer Interactions as They Occur

With Verint Personalized Guidance, you can enhance the quality of customer interactions as they occur, helping you turn potentially problematic interactions into exceptional experiences. Real-time alerts can provide guidance to agents based on information about a customer’s organization or demographics, the agent actions, or what the customer is actually saying. Verint Personalized Guidance can also help your contact center:

  • Clarify customer needs by consolidating data from multiple sources on a single screen during interactions.
  • Alert supervisors or managers when calls do not comply with regulations.
  • Trigger back-office processes in real time to address customer needs.
  • Enhance sales by suggesting special offers and promotions that are relevant to customers.

Since Verint Personalized Guidance includes Impact 360 Performance Management scorecards, you can easily monitor the improvement of agent performance metrics and other KPIs.