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Branch Sales Effectiveness

Increase Branch Sales and Enhance Revenue

Financial services organizations rely on their brick-and-mortar branch locations to deliver high-quality, in-person experiences to help drive branch sales, strengthen customer relationships, and increase revenue growth. In practical terms, this means looking beyond forecasting and scheduling sales staff and allocating teller resources—it means focusing on the overall effectiveness of sales staff.

Verint Branch Sales Effectiveness combines best-practice consulting with proven software to help financial institutions address sales productivity concerns. It offers insight into employee sales behaviors and performance, helping financial institutions make decisions that can increase branch sales and enhance revenue.

Why Branch Sales Effectiveness?

Verint Branch Sales Effectiveness can help answer many of the questions financial institutions are asking today:

  • How can we define and monitor effective sales processes?
  • What steps can we take to reduce or prevent sales time focused on other activities?
  • What is actually happening within each branch? What are our sales associates doing?  What are our tellers doing? How are our universal bankers spending their time? How can we optimize their combined efforts for the best results?
  • How can we monitor individual employee performance against key performance indicators? And how can we regularly tell employees how they’re doing – and how their performance measures up against that of their peers?
  • How can we monitor sales process compliance?

Benchmark Sales Productivity

Verint Branch Sales Effectiveness includes a productivity assessment—a services engagement to evaluate your current branch sales productivity, provide comparisons to industry benchmarks, and make recommendations on the approach and solutions that might best help your institution achieve its sales goals. This information can serve as a baseline against which to measure improvements. Our consultants will also provide a scope for the implementation phase of the project, including recommended solutions, specific configurations to address your particular business challenges, and a timeline for implementation.

Gain Insight into Branch Sales Effectiveness

Following the productivity assessment, our consultants will work with you to implement solutions that can offer valuable insight into the activities and performance of your branch staff, including:

  • Impact 360 Desktop and Process Analytics—Transparently monitors the employee desktop and tracks which software applications individuals use, how they perform different activities, and how they execute sales processes. The solution offers insight into staff utilization, individual sales productivity, and average time spent per activity.
  • Impact 360 Advanced Scorecards—Displays employee performance metrics in role-appropriate scorecards, offering managers and employees visibility into objective, data-driven assessments of performance and empowering staff to self-correct behaviors. Coaching sessions can be triggered automatically when performance scores fall below set thresholds, helping supervisors focus their attention on the employees and teams that need it most.

Monitor Performance from  Mobile Devices

For added convenience, you can augment Verint Branch Sales Effectiveness with Impact 360 Mobile, a native mobile app that can deliver convenient, secure access to individual, team, or branch scorecards on mobile devices, without requiring access to a computer. Available as an option, Impact 360 Mobile offers another way to help your managers stay on top of sales performance, even when they’re out of the office.

Meeting Your Needs as You Grow

Verint Branch Sales Effectiveness is a Business Impact Solution within the Verint Impact 360 Workforce Optimization suite. Enabled by Verint Services, Verint Business Impact Solutions help organizations identify and quantify key aspects of operational performance and prioritize activities to help maximize productivity.

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