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Business Impact Solutions

Address Business Challenges and Drive Competitive Advantage

Regardless of industry or market, certain challenges are universal to many organizations, such as controlling costs, maintaining and enforcing internal processes and procedures, complying with consumer protection and privacy laws, and reducing fraud.

To help organizations address these challenges more effectively, Verint offers Business Impact Solutions—predefined combinations of its workforce optimization and voice of the customer analytics solutions designed to address specific business needs.  Enabled by Verint Services, Verint Business Impact Solutions include:

  • Branch Sales Effectiveness—Helps financial institutions gain insight into employee sales behaviors and performance, enabling them to take actions to increase sales and enhance revenue.
  • Operations Visualizer – Provides organizations with improved visibility into productivity in order to improve employee and/or team skills, balance workloads and resources, track work items against service goals, analyze and improve quality and processes, identify areas where excess capacity can be leveraged, and react quickly to timely information.
  • Personalized Guidance—Provides real-time guidance to help you identify the root cause of suboptimal customer/agent interactions, provide in-the-moment guidance to agents, and surface and analyze insights from those calls.
  • Regulatory Compliance—Helps organizations detect and analyze customer complaints, and identify areas, activities, and customer /employee interactions that pose potential regulatory risks.  Provides tools to help companies take action to resolve complaints, modify or enforce processes, enhance coaching and training, and more.
  • Voice of the Employee—Helps your organization engage and listen to employees on an ongoing basis; understand their motivation, satisfaction, and interest levels; and use this insight to cultivate a loyal, committed staff. 
  • Work Allocation Manager—Helps keep employees focused on the most important work items, while enabling managers to better monitor completion.

Verint Business Impact Solutions can help organizations identify and quantify key aspects of operational performance and prioritize activities to help maximize productivity.