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Workforce Optimization for Retail Financial Services

Gain Visibility into Productivity, Scheduling, and Performance

Are you confident that the right branch personnel are in the right place at the right time to enable your financial institution to perform at its highest level? As customer visits to branches continue to decrease, and challenging economic conditions put additional stress on the cost to operate a successful branch network, banks are turning to technology to help them drive sales, ensure service quality and customer satisfaction while lowering costs and retaining staff.

Verint Branch Workforce Optimization is a powerful combination of software and services designed specifically for the needs of retail banking and financial services organizations. This comprehensive workforce optimization suite can provide an unprecedented level of visibility into customer service processes, workforce scheduling, productivity and performance, and customer intelligence across retail financial services enterprises:

  • Forecast demand and staffing requirements to meet each branch location’s individual service-level goals
  • Automate scheduling, deploying the right number of staff with the right skills at the right times
  • Evaluate the impact of internal and external factors on staffing requirements and budgets using powerful “what if” functionality
  • Measure employee performance consistently using key performance indicators (KPIs) and scorecards
  • Develop a long-term resource plan that supports your customer service and revenue objectives

As part of the Verint Workforce Optimization suite, the solution can capture, share and act on information across not only the branch network, but also across remote and back-office operations, and into your contact center. As a result, your financial institution can make better decisions faster and benefit from a lower total cost of ownership. It’s a globally proven workforce optimization solution from an established market leader with a track record of success.

Customers can choose to implement our solutions on-premises in their data centers, or for added convenience, they have the option to obtain Hosted Services specifically designed for Verint customers by a secure data center and hosting provider. Additionally, we offer Managed Services and Subscription Services.  These services provide different choices for organizations who do not wish to take on the IT support and maintenance roles themselves. Financial institutions can then achieve the benefits of workforce optimization in their branch network with the simplicity of outsourced hosting, systems administration and/or maintenance, as well as the option for Verint to manage the staff scheduling for them.

 Additional functionality to complement the workforce optimization capabilities include: