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Branch Time Studies

Verint's Expertise Delivers Insight and Results

Does your bank understand how tellers, sales and service staff spend their time each day? The subject matter experts within Verint’s branch operations consulting team can work with your financial institution to perform a branch time study to develop statistically sound standard transaction times, identify inefficiencies and opportunities for future operations improvements, and use objectively measured transaction times to improve forecasts, staffing and scheduling.

Our proven approach to branch time studies is designed to ensure that project results are statistically valid and represent your financial institution’s branch network characteristics. We will work with you in this multi-phase engagement:

  • Pre-project planning - Program kick off, followed by selection of representative branches for the study, and detailed briefing on the data collection approach
  • Time study and data gathering - Within the selected branches, training is performed for all personnel and observers, and then the data capture begins.  The team also completes  branch observations, interviews and custom surveys
  • Data synthesis and analysis - Verint analyzes the data, including activity times and volumes as well as branch attribute impact on times, overlays it with interviews and additional observations and compares your financial institution’s results with industry benchmarks
  • Results - The final report is presented to your management team, along with recommendations and opportunities for improvement.

Contact Verint’s branch consulting team to learn more today.