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Branch Desktop and Process Analytics

Our Solutions Enhance Branch Network Visibility

Many financial services institutions and other organizations that have branch networks have little or no visibility into the activities and processes of their individual employees in customer service and branch sales. Verint Branch Desktop and Process Analytics can transparently track how employees navigate and use different applications, screens, and processes while providing desktop guidance and automation to help them work more efficiently. It can help you better understand staff utilization, productivity, and performance, and use this insight to reduce costs and deliver a more pleasing, consistent customer experience.

Verint Desktop and Process Analytics is available as a standalone solution. When used with our comprehensive Verint Workforce Optimization solution, however, there is the potential for even greater benefit. You can:

  • Improve sales and service productivity by understanding how employees use applications to perform their work and how they spend their time
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness by monitoring adherence to schedules and the impact on customer service
  • Identify the successful behaviors of top performers and apply these processes to close the gap with bottom performers through coaching and training
  • Reduce risk by identifying and correcting activities that do not comply with company processes or industry standards and regulations

Contact Verint today to learn more about the broad range of functionality available within Verint Branch Desktop Analytics including:

  • Application Event Triggers to capture specific types of interactions or business functions which can then be used by your workforce management solution to enhance forecasts and improve staff schedules
  • Application Analysis to track and report on the applications each employee uses, how they use them and for how long to compare adherence to scheduled activities
  • Process Analysis to define specific processes and then track the volume and status of the workflow along the sequence of steps
  • Process Discovery to graphically map how employees perform business processes, identify best practices, opportunities for training and more
  • Process Guidance to automatically replicate data from one application to another, as well as deliver real-time guidance at certain steps in a process

Datasheet: Branch Desktop and Process Analytics